California teen admits to molesting over 50 children

In Riverside California a teenager’s mother has turned her son in to authorities and he has allegedly confessed to molesting at least 50 children in southern parts of the state.

The 18 year old Joseph Hayden Boston was brought in to police by his mother who flagged down a Riverside police sergeant to report her sons’ suspected crime. This occurred after Boston allegedly confessed to his mother that he had molested two children. The children where ages 8 and 4 and the event had occurred at a nearby motel they were staying at.

When investigators then interviewed Boston he promptly admitted to the assaults in the motel and added that he had molested a little over 50 children since he was 10 years old. The molestations occurred in different cities as Boston’s family moved around the state a lot.

Boston was arrested and jailed with suspicion of two acts of sexual harassment towards a child under 10 years old. His bail had been set to a million US dollars.  He is currently being held in the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside County.

Boston had recently been staying at the Simply Home Inn and Suites in Riverside California. It was at this establishment that he made friends with the 8 and 4 year-old boys who were saying at the motel with their families.

The two children were given permission by their parents to visit Boston’s room at night time and this is when the alleged molestation took place.

Only a few hours after the act had taken place Boston then called his mother explaining what he had done.  Boston had been staying in Riverside since early November but also lived in Lakewood and Buena Park in Southern California.

The Riverside Child Protective Services took in both of the young victims from the motel. It could not be established whether Boston had a lawyer and no publicly listed phone number could be matched to him. He is scheduled to appear in court this month.

Detectives have stated that they believe Boston’s claims that he has molested other juveniles although no further victims have yet come forward. Police are now asking any victims to come forward or for anyone with related information to share it with authorities.

Because Boston says that he had carried out so many molestations since he was 10 years old, questions about how much the mother may have known have been raised. Police believe they will only have definite answers once more victims come forward.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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