Bus crash in Mexico leads to death of several tourists

A tragic bus crash in Mexico has led to the deaths of 12 people including 8 Americans, 2 tourists from Sweden and one Canadian. The crash happened on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and left more than 10 people injured.

At the time of the crash, the bus had been traveling from the Mahahual coastal village to a Mayan archaeological site known as Chacchoben. Chacchoben is roughly 110 miles south of Tulum, a popular tourist destination.

Video footage after the crash showed the bus overturned in a forested area just off the main road.

The bus had been carrying at total of 31 people including tourists from all around the world including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Sweden and Italy. A local tour guide and a child were counted among the dead.

Two of the 10 injured people were from Sweden and were transferred to the US for treatment in hospital.

The United States State Department expressed its “heartfelt condolences” to the victims in a statement. They stated they are communicating with local authorities whilst monitoring the aftermath of the crash, supplying staff to help victims and their loved ones.

Authorities said the bus driver had been injured and was arrested following the crash.

Injured victims were taken to Chetumal and Bacalar hospitals, with 5 later being released after treatment.

Of the 31 passengers on the bus, 27 of them had arrived from two Royal Caribbean cruise ships. These ships were the Serenade of the Seas and the Celebrity Equinox.

The ships arrived in Mexico on Tuesday in the busy port of Costa Maya and left later in the afternoon. Costa Maya is a popular vacation destination in Mexico.

A spokeswoman for the cruise company stated that they were doing their utmost to take of their guests, assisting with “medical care and transportation”. She said the company was working with local officials to investigate the incident and what went wrong.

Officials stated the 7 of the injured people were treated and returned to the cruise ships before they departed. The deceased passengers were being examined for forensic identification so that authorities in the respective embassies could be fully informed.

First responders to the crash reported clear weather with a dry road and no signs of another vehicle being involved in the accident. The bus crashed in a two-lane, narrow road that was lacking any guardrail or shoulder.

There were swerve marks on the roads surface, indicating the driver had lost control of the bus somehow.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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