Brad Pritt reveals Leonardo DiCaprio’s on set tantrums

Brad Pitt says Leonardo DiCaprio “throws one of the best tantrums” on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during the film’s red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on Monday Pitt revealed what it was like to work with DiCaprio.

“He’s a good egg, and I’m really happy the restraining order was lifted off of me, so we were able to work together,” Pitt quipped. “No, he’s a great egg. We come from the same circles and I really admire his taste and his choices. I’m really happy this one lined up for us.”

So what can Pitt say about his fellow Hollywood mainstay in the film? “His character in this is hilarious,” Pitt said. “He throws one of the best tantrums ever laid down on film.”

Pitt plays DiCaprio’s stunt double in the film. As for DiCaprio, his role is a fading Hollywood actor struggling to remain relevant in the industry during the late 1960’s.

DiCaprio had some glowing words with his on-screen partner in crime as well. He describes their chemistry as something that “really came naturally.”

‘We both live in Los Angeles and this is about the changing of the culture in the late 60s, and we understand these dynamics of these professional relationships that also turn into families,” DiCaprio shared.

“Quentin gave us this amazing backstory of our characters and what we’ve been through and it was one of the more easy, sort of natural fits that I’ve ever experienced,” he added. “Because we kind of knew who these guys were.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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