Brad Pitt reveals joining Alcoholics Anonymous after Angelina Jolie split

Brad Pitt is making a major revelation three years following his split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

The actor keeps his personal life as far away from the public eye as possible. But this time, Pitt is choosing to speak up about his struggles with alcoholism and staying sober. Speaking to The New York Times in an interview, the Ad Astra star revealed that he joined Alcoholics Anonymous after Jolie officially filed for divorce this same month in 2016.

“I had taken things as far as I could take it, so I removed my drinking privileges,” he tells the news outlet. “You had all these men sitting around being open and honest in a way I have never heard. It was this safe space where there was little judgment, and therefore little judgment of yourself,” he says about the experience.

Pitt reportedly stayed in the fellowship for a year and a half. Despite his superstar status, recognizable face and massive fame not a single soul from the international mutual aid sold his story to gossip outlets.

“It was actually really freeing just to expose the ugly sides of yourself,” Pitt shares. “There’s great value in that.”

Pitt was painted in a negative light back in 2016 when the media caught wind of his explosive mid-air fight with Jolie. During which time, Pitt admitted to laying his hand on Maddox, their eldest son, after he got involved in the fight. The actor, however, denied he ever hit his son and only admitted to laying his hand on Maddox’ shoulder. Pitt was reportedly drunk at the time.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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