“Bleeding” vegan burger creator wants the world to go meat-free by 2035

Dr. Pat Brown, the pioneer of the world’s first “bleeding” plant-based burger envisions a meat-free world by 2035.

Dr. Brown was a biomedical scientist from Stanford University before founding the company that develops plant-based alternatives to dairy and meat products. He is credited as the creator of the “Impossible” burger that has the taste and texture of meat.

At a food forum in Stockholm, Dr. Brown discussed the “catastrophic impact of animal-based foods” and why it is a necessary measure to remove them from the food system.
“Our mission is to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035. You laugh but we are absolutely serious about it and it’s doable,”

“From the time the first super crappy low-resolution digital camera came on the market until Kodak basically shut down its film business was about 10 years. If you can make something that outperforms in delivering what consumers want the market can work fast,” he said to the audience.

This seemingly impossible but ideal mission was unveiled at the EAT Food Forum in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference between food pioneers, leaders, and notable personalities discussed how our current food system can be changed with more sustainable options. This is in an effort to quell the adverse effects of our faulty food system.

“I realized the problem was the catastrophic environmental impact of the use of animals as a food technology. Nothing comes even remotely close. Everybody here knows it’s responsible for at least 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it’s by far the biggest user of freshwater and is by far the biggest polluter of freshwater than any other industry on earth,” Dr. Brown said.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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