Beginner Tai Chi exercises

Tai chi is a great form of exercise that helps you improve both your mind and body’s health. It’s a low-impact, strengthening and meditative exercise that works multiple muscles while allowing for reflection as well. It’s a great exercise form to get into for nearly anyone: whether old or young, most everyone can practice tai chi and work up to mastering the art.

If you’re getting started in tai chi, there are plenty of ways to learn new moves and perfect your exercising routine. Nowadays, there are plenty of in-person and online tai chi classes available to take advantage of and learn more about the exercise form. For getting started at home, or to practice your tai chi moves, here are some of the most popular beginner tai chi exercises you can practice everyday:

Warming up

Before you get started with any exercise, it’s important to first warm up. You can start with head and shoulder rolls, as well as hip rolls to warm up your body and get yourself moving. After this, you’ll want to incorporate some stretching to make sure your muscles are ready for exercise and to avoid injury during or after your routine.

During this time, you’ll want to practice your breathing to get yourself prepared for the meditative parts of tai chi.

Dancing with rainbows

Tai Chi exercises

This exercise will focus on shifting your weight from right to left. You’ll begin by taking a deep breath, and raising your right arm slightly bent and stretching out your left arm, while shifting your weight to the right at the same time. Then while taking another breath, you’ll lift your left arm to the same bent position, shifting your weight to equally distribute on both sides. Finally, breathe out and shift your weight to the left, mimicking the beginning position but on your left side.

Rowing the boat

As most tai chi exercises begin, you’ll start this form by first taking a deep breath. Next, lift both of your arms over your head with your palms facing forward. Then you will breathe out, and with both palms facing forward push your arms down. This movement mimics rowing a boat and can be done either sitting or standing.

Carrying the moon

You’ll start this exercise by first breathing in, and then turning your body to the left from the waist up while keeping your two feet firmly straight. With relaxed shoulders and slightly bent elbows, you will reach both of your arms towards the left side and let your head follow your arms. Then you will breathe out, bring your hands down, and slowly turn your torso back to the middle. Repeat this motion with your right side to complete the exercise.

Tai chi movements can be done in nearly any order, but full tai chi exercises consist of multiple exercises that flow into one another. In-person and online tai chi classes will walk you through these various exercises and much more to get your started on your tai chi journey.

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