BAFTAs: Rebel Wilson takes a dig at “Cats” box office failure

Cats has been the butt of endless jokes even before it premiered and now the gags just keep on coming. The best one yet was delivered by its own star, Rebel Wilson when she presented the Best Director award at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards. This just goes to show that Wilson isn’t afraid to call out box office failures — especially when she’s in it.

As many predicted from the moment the film’s trailer dropped, Cats completely bombed at the box office. The film is set to lose around USD 100 million in revenue despite its star-studded cast and already well-established plotline. This led to incessant memes and taunting online and Wilson — who played Jennyanydots in the film — made sure to get in on the action.

Wilson took a hard swing at the film in a hilarious bit at the 2020 BAFTAs. The 39-year-old took the stage and brought out a barrel full of laughs when she mentioned the award show’s theme focusing on sustainability. In accordance with the theme, the actress says that she sowed her own garb from two dresses she has previously worn.

“The red is from that one time I didn’t win Miss Australia and the black is from a funeral I just went to for the feature film Cats,” she said, as the crowd at the Royal Albert Hall roared with laughter.

After a string of more comedic gold at the expense of the film, Wilson ended her bit with a bang when she mentioned the nominated directors — Quentin Tarantino, Todd Philipps, Martin Scorsese, and Bong Joon-Ho.

“I look at the exceptional, daring talent nominated in this category and I don’t think I could do what they do,” Wilson said in jest. “Honestly, I just don’t have the balls.”

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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