Australian policy paper on climate change claims human destruction by 2050

More bad news for the human race. The Breakthrough-National Centre for Climate Restoration in Melbourne published alarming reports. According to the policy paper, climate change is a “near- to mid-term existential threat to human civilization”.

The paper reported that if no serious mitigation actions are made against climate change, society, as we know it, could collapse by 2050. It claims that the oncoming consequences are much, much worse than anyone can imagine. We only have the next decade to take drastic measures.

The recently published paper is entitled ‘Existential climate-related security risk: A scenario approach’. It focuses on the central thesis that recent predictions of climate change effects by scientists are too limited. And the effects are actually far worse.

The authors are Research Director David Spratt and Chairman of the Australian Coal Association Ian Dunlop. In the paper, the authors urge to immediately “build a zeroemissions industrial system” in order to sustain human life. In the paper they wrote:

“To reduce such risks and to sustain human civilisation, it is essential to build a zeroemissions industrial system very quickly. This requires the global mobilisation of resources on an emergency basis, akin to a wartime level of response.”

So what does the future actually look like for us in 2050? A global temperature increase of 5.4 F, ice sheets vanishing and worst the death of the world’s largest carbon offset, the Amazon forest. The chain of events will then lead to more floods, droughts and wildfires. If that’s not enough for the world to finally take climate change seriously, what will?

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
Danny is a reporter and news columnist for Best in Australia. He covers world news the latest world news headlines and international news including US News and Europe, Middle East News.
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