Ariana Grande reacts to accusations over Mac Miller’s death

A day after the death of 26 year old rapper Mac Miller, Ariana Grande received a torrent of abuse on a photo she shared of him on her Instagram page, accusing her of being responsible for the alleged drug overdose that killed him.


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The photo she posted was a simple, captionless image of Miller on the grass. Comments ranged from “it’s crazy because you really did kill him” to “this is your fault”.

After apparently disabling comments on the Instagram photo, Grande posted a tweet responding to the personal attacks. She claimed that it was not her responsibility to “babysit” him, though she continued to support him after the breakup. 

The pair were in a two-year relationship but broke up in May 2018. Within weeks, Grande became engaged to comedian Pete Davidson. Grande continued to be supportive of Miller and his sobriety, with the two apparently remaining friends. 

The successful American rapper, whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, died last Friday in his home after a history of drug addiction. His latest album, “Swimming”, has since reached #1 on Apple Music Charts, with his tour having been planned for October. Known for his honesty and kindness, he has previously admitted to struggling from drug addiction and depression.

Rather than blaming the loved ones of Miller, it is crucial to approach the situation with compassion and an open-mind. Blaming loved ones for a person’s addiction is dangerous; staying in a toxic relationship out of fear of hurting the addict will only hurt both parties.

What is important is to ensure that those struggling with addiction receive the help they need to overcome it. If you’re concerned about a loved one or friend, be sure to seek professional guidance.

Consider calling Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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