Ariana Grande cancels Belgium meet & greet over anxiety attacks

Ariana Grande is prioritizing her mental health above all else.

The pop music icon released a statement on her Instagram Stories on Friday explaining why she canceled a meet and greet scheduled for her fans in Antwerp, Belgium. Grande stripped of her layers in the post admitting to fans that her panic attacks, anxiety, and depression have become unbearable.

“Time for some honesty. My depression and anxiety have been at an all-time high lately. I have been giving you all I’ve got and trying to push through as hard as I can and mask it,” the Boyfriend hitmaker wrote. Grande revealed that Friday was “an extra rough” day for her “After a handful of panic attacks.” She went on to say that it would be wise to skip out on the scheduled meet and greet to save her energy for a concert.

As someone who always wants to give her fans her all, Grande explained that she didn’t want to be in a rush when meeting fans. “I like spending actual time with you and I won’t be able to be present or give you the best of me today.”

She then got raw and real about her panic attacks saying, “I wish I had control over these attacks but as anybody with anxiety or depression understands, sometimes you can only operate on its terms and not your own.”

Grande’s latest revelation about her mental health follows her return to Manchester, England. The first time she put up a show in the area after the terrorist gunned down the audience of her concert held on May 2017.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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