Andrew Cetinic discusses his digital HR management software

Andrew Cetinic is from PeopleForce, a company that develops digital HR management software. The solution provides HR professionals and business managers with the automation tools and workflow essential to managing their human talent efficiently throughout the employee’s lifecycle.

Andrew, how did you get involved in the HR industry?

I think you could say I’ve always had a passion for working with people. Having run several businesses, I’ve also personally experienced the pain and heavy lifting HR people face when hiring and managing resources. Hat’s off to them, it’s a tough job, and I had a vision to make their lives easier.

How did your team get the idea to develop PeopleForce?

As a software development business HRM is key to our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. The product concept was really born out of our drive to deliver a more efficient and transparent service to our clients. We engaged a few customers, collected key requirements and also looked at other tools on the market. I think the real momentum came once we built the MVP. We showed it to a few clients, and they got really excited. At that point we knew for sure we had to build PeopleForce.

What is your role in the team?

I’m passionate about building applications that solve business problems. With PF I’ve been very much hands-on with the development of the product. From the initial design through to coding and testing. I’ve had quite a bit of help from my team but I guess you could say this is my baby. Now, as we expand our client base, we’re investing heavily in product management and customer delivery. I really want this to be a world-class solution.

What kind of problems does PeopleForce help to solve?

The product solves many challenges for HR people, management and employees. One of the simple features I really like is the job offer process. We’ve all been there, you go through the hiring process and wait on tender-hooks to see if they accept. We automate this whole process; send the job offer, see when they view it, electronic signature, acceptance and notification to the manager.

Ultimately, we take the view that all HR processes are a function of a business that are critical to its success and therefore making these processes more efficient, reducing errors and saving time will have a direct impact on the bottom line. Each component is designed with this in mind.

There is a full feature list on the website.

How does the software work?

PeopleForce is a web-based, SaaS product that is built with a modern approach to give your employees an intuitive, end-to-end experience for their HR needs. A mobile app is also available in the app store.

Is the system designed to allow HR to be handled by a smaller team?

We’re not really replacing the HR function but enabling them to be more efficient through the use of our technology, essentially making their day-to-day lives easier. They are then free to focus on more strategic and operational tasks that deliver greater value to their respective businesses

How much support from your team do your clients need to use PeopleForce?

That’s a great question. I believe all software succeeds or fails during the onboarding phase. If it’s a painful experience, people will quickly become frustrated and the product fails. We’ve invested in a customer success team that understand HR processes and are on hand to guide our clients through implementation and beyond. Providing just in time training and having weekly review calls to feedback any feature requests are all part of our program.

Thank you Andrew for your time!
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