An interview on finding traditional love in the digital age

Marry a Filipina is a blog dedicated to providing information and advice to Western men seeking to love and marry a Filipina woman. We chatted to founder Joe Smith to learn more about his mission.

When did you start your website and what motivated you?

My interest in the Philippines began back in the mid-90’s. Pen pal services for meeting Filipinas went digital, and I was intrigued by the idea of meeting someone from that country.

I started writing about Filipina dating after spending significant time in the Philippines. I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding relationships between Western men and Filipinas. It seemed there were a lot of men who were extremely happy with their choice to marry someone from another country. But scamming was pretty common as well. I wanted to create a website that would help me find a genuine, sincere partner. I also wanted to provide information regarding culture, immigration, etc.

What are the reasons for the growing interest in having a Filipina wife?

Western culture has been increasingly influenced by a radical strain of feminism. I think a large number of Western men have been turned off by this and want to find someone with more traditional values. Some people believe that Western men who date Filipinas are just looking for a glorified maid. This is not true in my observation—most simply want to find someone who is completely different than the kinds of women they were meeting in the Western dating scene.

Filipinas also tend to be open to dating older men. A bachelor in his 40s may still want to start a family. The likelihood of that happening with a woman his age is low. Filipinas in their 20s have no problem dating a man this age, so you see how the two may get together.

Is Filipino culture very different from Western culture?

Yes and no. Filipinos are heavily influenced by Western media: movies, sports, etc. They are also good at speaking English (especially when compared to other Asian countries). However, Filipinos tend to be much more group/family oriented. There’s a lot more I could say about culture, but I’ve written several articles about it on the website.

How is your website different from other Filipina dating sites?

Most Filipina dating websites are services for Westerners and Filipinas to meet (I actually recommend one of these particular websites for meeting women from the Philippines). But my website is geared more towards providing information and advice. I have a few articles, for example, about our experiences with the immigration/visa process.

What are some of the common online dating scams to look out for?

As you can imagine, scams always revolve around money. Scammers will ask an unwitting victim to send them money for medical bills, emergencies, airfare, etc. I always advise men to avoid sending money to someone they haven’t met in person.

Do you have any tips for finding lasting love?

First and foremost, I recommend finding a reputable website (there is one I endorse on my site). Second, move slowly and use caution—you don’t have to immediately commit to the first woman you “meet” online. Take some time to talk with her and make sure you have some real chemistry. Third, plan to meet her in person if you really think there is potential for a lifelong relationship. Those are just a few things that come to mind.

Thank you Joe for sharing your thoughts with us.
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