Amazon best-selling author Jamie Raine launches his in-depth guide to music production

At only 20 years of age, best-selling author on Amazon and talented music producer Jamie Raine has released a new music production guidebook titled ‘‘In-Depth Music Producer’s Guide: How To Make Dance/Electronic Music”.

Born in England, Jamie is a young electronic beats producer and published best-selling author. Jamie has assisted in the creation of music with artists spanning the world and is cited as one of the best up and coming producers in the scene. Having produced hit music for 2 years already, Jamie is ready to share some of his creative insight.

Jamie is already a mainstream success on social media channels, including on his fast-growing Instagram page. Due to this success, he became a best-selling author with his guide on social media growth.

Jamie has said: “Eventually, what was once just a hobby turned into a career, and now I can live my dream creating music as a job.”

The evidence of Jamie’s musical ability can be seen with his track ‘Already Fallen.’ The track is a popular one in the electronic music scene and has put Jamie on the map as a producer.

In-Depth Music Producer’s Guide: How To Make Dance/Electronic Music:

Jamie Raine and his book

Within this book, it shows readers how to not only master the basic concepts of music production but how to gain the right mindset to succeed. Having an open mind to experimentation and editing are essential notes, and following proven strategies helps create a bedrock of skill from which greatness can be achieved.

The book comes equipped with all the knowledge and resources required to help readers master music production fundamentals. It also teaches how to stay focused on projects and create a work ethic that turns the hobby into a money-making career.

Speaking of the book, Jamies said: “Haivng succeeded so quickly in the music world, I was constantly asked ‘how’ I accomplished my goals. It wasn’t long before I took this as a sign I should share my knowledge and write a book to help others follow the same path as me, focusing not just on technical skills but on mindset as well.”

You can connect with the music of Jamie Raine here:


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