Ali Wong on why miscarriage is discussed in her stand-up comedy

Miscarriage is a topic that is not often discussed, even more so in stan-dup comedy. However, Ali Wong has decided that humor is the best way to rouse discussion for a topic that deserves discussion.

Wong spoke up about why she includes miscarriage in her stand up routines on Health magazine’s November issue. The 37-year-old graces that cover of the magazine. In the interview, the actress, writer and producers says that “no topic is off-limits” when it comes to her comedy. While Wong had no fears about discussing miscarriage in a humorous tone, experiencing it in real life was a much different experience.

“I remember hoping my husband’s parents wouldn’t be disappointed. It was this intrinsic concern. I didn’t want them to feel like their son married a bad seed,” she tells Health. “And they didn’t feel that way; they were very supportive.”

“There was nothing that would indicate that they would ever think that way, but that’s where my mind immediately went,” Wong adds.

Prior to giving birth to her two daughters whom she shares with her husband Justin Hakuta, Wong admits she”didn’t realize miscarrying was a thing that could happen.”

“That’s why I told everybody [about the pregnancy]. I told the lady who cleans my house, and when she found out I was seven weeks along, she told me I shouldn’t be telling people,” she recalled. “Now I know why. It’s because then you have to tell everyone the bad news.”

“Some people have insensitive reactions,” she says about the experience. “Like, they will ask if it’s because you had sushi or you were performing too much. They want to point to some cause and don’t realize how bad that makes you feel.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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