Alex Contes talks about his powerful social media alert tool

Alex Contes is the founder of SocialFlap, a powerful tool that allows unparalleled control over social media campaigns through the use of custom alerts and tracking systems.

Alex answered some questions about his business.

What inspired you to start SocialFlap?

I’ve always been fascinated with social media and the power it has as a marketing tool. While initially social media was very misunderstood, through trial and error brands have realised how essential an active social media presence is.

I started SocialFlap because I wanted to create a powerful tool that businesses could use to monitor social media with laser precision. This enables them to maximise reach in the audiences they want to capture.

My goal is for SocialFlap to become an essential tool for businesses as part of their social media mix. While it will take a lot of hard work, we are prepared to do what it takes!

What was the biggest initial challenge in setting up the site and business?

Creating a website that was simple and communicated the benefits of SocialFlap to social media marketers or business owners who want to take greater control over their social presence. Finding the right way to easily demonstrate the utility of SocialFlap in giving you near-omnipotence over your social media channels.

When businesses and social media marketers see how useful SocialFlap can be, it’s not hard to convince them that they should try it out and see if it works for them. In saying that, another challenge was figuring out what the right kind of trial to give users as we needed something that would tease its potential when customers fully invest.

How did you go about designing and testing your alerts system?

We experimented with what kind of alerts would be most useful to users and how they could be modified to allow for greater control. We tested SocialFlap across each different social platform with a range of different settings.

For example, we did mock campaigns where a certain hashtag from a certain celebrity or influencer would be tracked, giving the user an alert when they are active. This functionality enables users of SocialFlap to get instant insight into what buzz is being created around the topics relevant to their business.

This testing phase was and remains really important for us. With how quickly social media platforms can change, we needed to be quick in our responsiveness.

What do you see in the future for SocialFlap?

Continuing to grow the platform and enhance its capabilities to ensure that it both meets and exceeds the expectations of social media marketers and business owners. We want to be recognised as an essential tool for social media marketers and business owners who want greater control over their social profiles.

With more exposure and users adopting SocialFlap, we hope to expand the capabilities of the platform even further. Who knows what the future holds, but we are confident!

What are some examples of how a client used SocialFlap to monitor social media?

We had a client who used SocialFlap to monitor and coordinate the posts of their brand’s influencers so that messages were delivered at optimal times. This enables them to surf relevant trends, getting much more engagement and buzz around their campaign posts that they would have without using SocialFlap.

 What advice would you give someone starting a business similar to yours?

Don’t stop testing and don’t settle for something lower quality than what you have envisioned. If you cut corners, you will need to cut down your expectations of success as well.

With that said, make sure you have other people around to give feedback and identify things you may have missed. If you don’t surround yourself with alternative points of view you will create a very narrow-minded business.

Thank you Alex for your time!
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