A$AP Rocky isn’t “embarrassed” about being a sex addict

A$AP Rocky did not mince words as he admitted in a recent interview that he is addicted to sex.

The rapper opens up about his insatiable desire for sexual intercourse during a televised appearance. On the show Untold Stories of Hip Hop he tells the host Angela Martinez about being a sex addict for nearly his entire life.

TMZ released the preview for the upcoming episode featuring A$AP Rocky. In the clip, the “Live Fast” rapper says his addiction started way back when he was in junior high school. “I was horny,” he tells Martinez in the clip. “I ain’t even have no sperm in my testicles yet but I literally just was horny.”

He then revealed on the show that he’s “been a sex addict for some time.” While on hand, A$AP Rocky also pointed out the stigma that surrounds sex addiction. “These are things people stay away from, they don’t like to admit. I can’t be embarrassed about it,” the rapper explains.

This marks the first time A$AP Rocky went public about being a sex addict. However, the rapper has never been one to shy away from openly talking about his sexual exploits. Last year, the rapper told the publication Esquire that he was only 13 years old when he experienced his first orgy. Later on, he carried the experience into his adult life.

In a separate interview with GQ magazine, A$AP Rocky says he keeps himself busy during free time in between tours by having “orgies […] Foursomes, fivesomes, moresomes. All womens.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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