3 activities to expect at a childcare centre

Early education is highly important for every individual to have once in their life. 80% of your little one’s brain is developed by the time they make it halfway through primary school, making it an essential step to begin their learning journey as soon as possible. Childcare is the answer to this, promising your son or daughter a good start to their academics, enlightening them with creativity, their first steps in learning to read and speak, and many other life skills they will take with them as they get older. What most of us parents do wonder is, what does my little one do whilst they attend childcare? Today, we are schooling you with a list of the top three activities that generally happen in a week at preschool.

Top 3 activities at childcare

Arts & crafts

Childcare centre

It’s no secret that at childcare there are plenty of activities that explore a child’s creativity. In preschool, the teachers focus on a variety of arts & crafts teachings to allow them to soak up the information from the program and express themselves. Whether it’s painting, playing with play dough, crafting together a jungle diorama, knitting, and many more, there is so much opportunity for your little one to do. It’s not just arts & crafts that allow the child to be creative at childcare but also drama, music and other sorts of performance. This allows them to refine their fine motor skills, giving good practice for other activities in the future involving their hands as well as allows them to express themselves. This form of expression gives them confidence, allowing them to communicate and interact with other people, improving their social and cognitive skills.  With all these benefits in mind, childcare works by doing a variety of different activities in Arts & Crafts to help them to understand their identity and build community.

Munch & movement

Exercise is such an important activity for good health, and this is definitely necessary for your little one. At childcare, they offer a variety of different movement activities including, soccer, dancing, yoga, bicycling, and many other sports in order to get the bubs moving. During play time, they will have a lot of movement with the other children encouraging fun and socialisation between the class. With all these options to choose from, the kids will never get bored and encourage daily exercise to promote healthy habits. In this way, they will have a good health condition as well as be tired enough and ready for bed by the time it’s their sleep time. They also get to develop their fine motor skills and coordination skills, allowing them to think more clearly and have a positive mindset. Childcare works to make sure they have a plentiful amount of nutritious foods and daily exercise to meet their needs.


At childcare, kids learn and grow through play. Early education works to program activities based on your little one’s interest. If the child loves playing dress up, the teachers work on that. If the child loves to pretend to cook, they make activities for them based around that. If they love racing cars with their mates, we provide an area and tools for them to have fun. Play allows them to understand their own interests and passions, to help them down the track when it comes to choosing a career or making a big decision in life. With childcare at your side, we make sure the kids have fun in everything they learn so they can understand who they are, how to socialise with other children and be grateful for all the wonderful things life has to offer. All in all, childcare promotes positive learning experiences to encourage them to continue to learn with joy and passion.

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