Zac Efron rushed to the hospital due to life-threatening sickness

Zac Efron was hospitalized while filming his new series in Papua New Guinea due to a serious complication.

The actor addressed his current predicament with haste on social media when rumors started circulating about his hospitalization while filming Killing Zac Efron, his new project for Quibi, a new and upcoming short-form video platform.

Efron said that he was very thankful to all the people who reached out to him when they heard the news. The actor then went on to explain that he did get sick in Papua New Guinea but was able to recover immediately and finished filming. He said that he was in time to go home for the holidays that he spent with his family.

The former High School Musical and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile star didn’t quite disclose what happened to him or how he got sick, but according to reports by the Sunday Telegraph stated that the actor became so sick that they needed to airlift him from Papua New Guinea to Australia to be treated.

Sunday Telegraph also reported that Efron apparently had contracted a serious case of typhoid infection, which could be life-threatening if he did not get any medical attention immediately.

Efron’s representatives have yet to confirm these assumptions.

Entertainment Tonight, however, had reports that a medical doctor told them that the Medical Rescue Group did, in fact, treat an American who was airlifted and was in his 30s. The alleged doctor added that the American returned to the United States last week.

While the actor is still recovering from the whole ordeal, it is yet unknown the true cause of Efron’s hospitalization. But since this is Hollywood, people will eventually tell us the whole story in due time.

Killing Zac Efron was announced last November and will be shown on Quibi. The series will follow the actor as he ventures deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea to make a name for himself in expedition history, albeit similar theme to shows like Naked and Afraid or Bear Grylls’ Man vs. Wild. Efron will be off-grid for three weeks and will be shedding off all luxuries with nothing left but basic survival gear and a guide accompanying him.

Efron shared his excitement in doing the series, an adventure that might conclusively hospitalize him, which ironically had already happened. The actor expressed that he tends to flourish when put in extreme situations and that he looks for opportunities that will challenge him to his capacity. He also stated that he was very excited to explore locations that have yet to be trekked by man and the thought of discovery excites him.

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Alain Ang
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