Why you should transform your look with eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are quickly becoming one of the most popular beauty enhancements to get. Their striking yet natural enhancement of eyelashes has achieved results that many have been desperately seeking for years. Eyelash extensions remove the hassle of applying makeup or false lashes every day and allow you to wake up with a natural glow. These are some of the reasons why you should consider getting eyelash extensions.

They look natural

Perhaps the biggest benefit of eyelash extensions is that they are a more natural-looking alternative to false strip lashes. On top of that, false lashes are extremely difficult to apply and with eyelash extensions, you won’t have to do a thing! If you have been trying to achieve full, luscious lashes but mascara alone just isn’t doing it for you, extensions are a great way to do that without looking too over the top. Lash Blossom are renowned for their expert eyelash extension services and the care they put into their work. At Lash Blossom, an extension is applied to each individual lash to create a naturally fuller look. Whether you want big lashes for everyday wear or for a particular event, eyelash extensions will last you between 3-5 weeks so you can be sure you are covered.

They save you timeAn eyelash specialist with a mask on placing eyelash extensions on a client who is lying down to transform her look.

A huge advantage of getting eyelash extensions is that you don’t have to do anything special to maintain them. All it takes is an appointment with a friendly, professional lash specialist and you will walk out with the best eyelashes of your life. Not having to apply makeup in the morning and remove it each night will save you heaps of time in your getting ready (and unready) process, allowing you to show up on time and looking stylish as ever.

They make your eyes look bigger

Eyelashes are so important to people due to their ability to make eyes look bigger. Longer lashes give you that wide awake, bright-eyed look and this is part of the reason that good eyelash extensions are so highly sought after. Psychologists believe that the reason long lashes achieve this desirable look is because they provide contrast between the actual eye and the eyelid. This emphasises the eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter.

You can customise the look you wantA woman with undereye pads on getting eyelash extensions from a beauty professional with gloves and tweezers.

Eyelash extensions aren’t one size fits all, and fortunately, they can be customised to your liking. At Lash Blossom, there is a wide range of styles that can be implemented to achieve the specific look that you want. From the ‘Full Blossom’, to the ‘Glamorous Blossom’, to the ‘Russian Volume Blossom’, each treatment at Lash Blossom achieves a slightly different look. Whether you are after super natural lashes or full glam, the qualified specialists can create a look that works for you. You can also choose the material of your lash extensions, with premium silk and elegant faux mink available. On top of this, you can choose the size of your extensions, anywhere from 6mm to 15mm. Pair your fully customised look with a lash tint or eyebrow treatment and you’ll be looking fabulous in no time.

They will boost your confidence

Once you have the lashes that you’ve always dreamed of, you will be able to step out of the house each morning with full confidence. Particularly if you usually feel uncomfortable without makeup, lash extensions will ensure that you have the appearance of full lashes at all times. On days when you are running late and have had no time to do your makeup, you can have the confidence that you still look amazing. An eyelash extension session with Lash Blossom will help you to glow both inside and out and face the world with self-assurance and gorgeous lashes.

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