Why you should start using email marketing and SEO in 2018

SEO and business are like two different things with the same goal: success. You can never separate SEO from business in order to succeed. Now that people in the business world know how important the use of SEO services for their business, more and more strategies are formed to build good content marketing and SEO campaigns.

Just like SEO and business, the main key of having a successful business lies in content marketing and SEO campaigns; moreover, in order to make a business grow or stay successful, you should always have the future in mind; in this case, 2018.

Reasons why you should start using email marketing for your content marketing and SEO campaigns in 2018

With high quality content marketing and SEO campaigns, you can optimise more keywords, create better web pages that can rank high in search results, generate more backlinks, as well as attract more visitors to your website. However, there is another way to help you with content marketing strategies and SEO campaigns that is considered as easy and effective if used properly; the email marketing. Yes, you might subscribe to your favourite online shop for a 50% discount, right? Well, at least some of us do.

Email marketing tips
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Maybe some of us are annoyed by the way they attract us by their emails and that makes us wonder if it is alright to use email marketing for our business. The answer is, yes, it is alright to do so, especially now with the constantly changing future trends! Why? This article will help you get a better understanding of how email marketing can support your content marketing and SEO campaigns in 2018.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is basically a method of sending direct messages to customers or potential customers that include promotions of products or services, or a way to maintain relationship with them electronically. If you ever got your email listed on a website you might be interested in, you might find their emails in your inbox.

Depending on how they deliver the message, it can be annoying sometimes when it has become spammy, right? Take a note of this, and use that as a reference, so that you will avoid the same mistakes in the future. However, if you use the right ways of email marketing, you will find that very useful for your business. So, what are the advantages of using email marketing?

Cost efficiency

With email marketing, you can promote or advertise your brand for inexpensive cost, or even for free! You can reach to a wider target audience with higher chance of ROI than any expensive marketing strategy with nothing much to lose in case something goes wrong.

Easy content promotion

Sending emails to your subscribers can help you promote and highlight some of your best as well as your most recent products easily, so that they will be notified shortly after your products are released. Aside from that, if you write a new article, but haven’t gotten any traffic yet, you can use email marketing to notify your subscribers about your newest article and encourage them to read it. This will generate more traffic to your blog/website.

More backlinks

With attention-grabbing email marketing, people will get excited to see what is in store for them to see. That’s why if your email, article, or website content can provide unique and informative explanations at the same time, this can boost people’s attention to click and share, meaning, more and more backlinks in the future!

Reliable brand increases customers’ loyalty

Your steady emails can help improve your brand’s reputation and increase customers’ loyalty that will make them stay connected to your emails. Of course, that also depends on how you deliver your email marketing strategy. The right email marketing strategy will help you encourage your customers or your potential customers to invest more in your content and your future publications. Remember: your emails say a lot about your brand.

Social media engagement
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More social media engagement

With good content in your emails, as well as social media link inclusion in it, you can encourage more people to follow your brand on social media platforms and engage more with them. This can also build more trusted relationship between you and your customers. Also, with more followers on your social media, there is a high chance of them visiting your website too, right? This can mean one thing: more traffic.

That’s all you need to know about the reasons why email marketing is important for your content marketing and SEO campaigns. However, keep in mind that in order to deliver the best email marketing strategy, you need to constantly personalise your emails, so that it doesn’t sound spammy.

For example, you can offer individual customer special deals on your products on their birthday, instead of sending spammy emails that sound almost the same as the previous ones. Make your customers feel special by your special treatments. Also, don’t just send out ads so that they buy your products.

You can use your emails to help them remember that you have shared valuable experiences with them. For example, if this is an anniversary membership email, you can share with them or remind them that your services have been with them for a year, and you offer them special treatments.

The other way to send emails is by sticking to a schedule, as it is also important instead of randomly sending emails with no further arrangement for the future.

See? By doing the right ways of email marketing strategies, you can generate more positive possibilities and opportunities for your business in 2018, as email marketing is never old-fashioned as long as you write the right content in your emails. Keep in mind that you have to personalise your emails before sending them to your customers or your potential customers. That way, your business will always run smoothly with your great content marketing and SEO campaigns.


George Papdan
George Papdan
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