Why Danny McBride took on the son of Crocodile Dundee

It is the question that many have been asking since it was revealed that Danny McBride would be playing the role of the son of Mick “Crocodile” Dundee – Why him?

The comedy man stars alongside some of Australia’s most well-known and popular movie stars in the cheeky movie trailer aimed at encouraging Americans to plan a visit to Australia.

The commercial aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl 52 in a promotion from Tourism Australia starring Chris Hemsworth, Russel Crowe, Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman. The advertisement was met with laughter and intrigue.

The commercial was staged as a movie trailer for an upcoming film ‘Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home in which McBride played Dundee’s American son. The aim of the ad was to convince viewers that if it was good enough for Crocodile Dundee’s son, then it’s good enough for them.

McBride has since opened up on how he ended up in the unlikely role saying “I always like to choose things that I think will be fun to do” regardless of the format. He had some appraisal for the approach to the skit by Tourism Australia saying that he thought it was a completely “out-of-the-box approach”.

The campaign was evidently trying to trick viewers into believing that a new movie was on the way and in explaining why, McBride couldn’t help but have a little giggle.

He thought that it would “be fun just to mess with people” and that it would get people asking questions and talking about it. He said that he believed people would find the commercial both funny and interesting whilst questioning the motive of it.

Even though viewers are now aware that it was all a bit of a joke, there are many left wishing that it was in fact going to be a real movie. In the Northern Territory, a newspaper has begun a petition to encourage those in the ad to follow through and produce the latest Dundee movie.

When asked if he would take on the role in a real movie, McBride said he wasn’t sure but said that working with Chris Hemsworth was “a blast” and that whilst he didn’t know finished by saying, “Maybe something will come out of it, we’ll see”.

The commercial was aired during the 52nd Super Bowl on Sunday and was one of many large scale ads to air during the event. Super Bowl ads have become a huge part of the Super Bowl since 2000 with companies eager to get their brand on the biggest stage.


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