What’s next for Bachelor in Paradise?

We are already two weeks into Bachelor in Paradise and the drama has been almost non-stop after the first 15 minutes of everyone arriving. As couples begin to form and new contestants enter, what can we expect from Australia’s hottest singles?

Tonight’s episode is primed to excite and cause some serious drama within the resort as not one but two American “Bachelor veterans” are set to enter the resort. There is absolutely no doubt that the Aussie men will not be happy about this and you can be sure that someone will say something about while the others maintain that they are “fine”.

For the women, it will be quite a contrasting image as they drool over the new, sexy men that have just entered.

This is where it will get interesting.

Nina and Eden, Lisa and Luke. Both of these couples seem like they have been enjoying plenty of alone time with limited on-camera action since the first day. Neither girl has really been seen talking to any of the other guys in Paradise.

So will the new American Hotties grab their attention?

You can be sure that Kiera, Ali and Leah will all be keen to get the attention of the American bachies as they seek to at least make Jarrod, Michael and Mack jealous.

The end of the last episode saw Leah saw overwhelmingly confident that Mack was going to give her a rose that she didn’t even bother to talk to him at the cocktail party despite saying that she didn’t really want to lock down with him just yet.

It could have come back to haunt her but her current dream, Michael, chose her over Florence and she was given another chance. It will be interesting to see if this sparks any new interest from Michael as he looks to find a lover in Paradise.

Mack and Jarrod are likely to find themselves getting to know the ‘Bachelor veterans’ the most as they both look to get Ali’s attention. Of course, Kiera will be there to make things awkward after Jarrod had to give her his rose at the last rose ceremony following a bold move from Mack.

The term love triangle is often thrown around in this show but it is more like a love tree at the moment with Michael, Jarrod and Mack all interested in Ali while Leah wants Mack but not right now and Kiera is interested in Jarrod. Not to mention that Michael gave Leah his rose and Jarrod to Kiera.

Who ends up with who and who is going to be facing an uphill battle?

Another drama-filled episode beckons tonight at 7:30 pm.



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