What we know so far on Lucifer’s fifth and final season

After being saved by Netflix, Lucifer is coming back for its fifth and final season and here are some of the things you need to know before the series final season premieres next year.

Lucifer has been renewed for its final season last May 7th of this year. Netflix shared with the Hollywood Reported that they were thrilled that fans of the show have accepted Netflix and are happy to bring them on board for the last ride.

Showrunner Ildy Modrovich shared on Twitter last June that they were in the process of developing Lucifer’s final season.

Netflix then announced that the show has started filming last September with a tweet revealing most of the cast present for the first table read for the season.

As of this month, they have announced on Twitter that they have finished doing the table read for episode nine.

Season 4 of Lucifer climaxed with the morning star returning to hell in attempts to contain hellspawn from spilling over to his beloved Los Angeles but he was able to tell Chloe (Lauren German) that Eve (Inbar Lavi) was not his first love as the two profess their love for each other.

Season 4 spanned with Chloe having a very difficult time facing Lucifer (Tom Ellis) ever since he showed his true face to her at the end of season three. This debacle led to Lucifer getting back (unofficially) with his former fling, Eve, who managed to escape heaven and Adam because heaven was boring and Adam was dull.

Fans of the show are now theorizing of ways on how Lucifer can get out of hell again given that this time there are no options of him making a deal to get out of the pit. People have speculated that Lucifer needs to find an entity that can replace him that has the capacity to govern the underworld and some have pointed to Lilith, who was revealed to be Adam’s first wife before Eve was created. Eve mentioned that she was able to subdue and turn the ‘beasts of the night’ into docile creatures.

Lucifer season 5 will have 16 episodes in total from the original 10 that Netflix ordered initially. It was also revealed that the show will be divided into two parts which are not a rarity for television shows who are at their final season. The most popular of which was when Breaking Bad split its final season to make the anticipation at an all-time high.

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