What to know about IPS screen technology for gaming

The goal of kickofftech.com’s testing is to ensure that customers understand the benefits of specific products as well as which products offer the best value. We know you specifically searched for information about IPS screen right? Now get ready for the facts.

Well, while there are several versions of monitor panel types, today we will be focusing on the IPS panel. Since not all displays are created equal and you can easily purchase the wrong one if you don’t pay close attention.

What is an IPS monitor?

IPS (in-plane switching) is one of the most popular types of a liquid-crystal display (LCD). This screen technology that was invented to fix the main limitations of the twisted nematic monitor (TN) field effect.

Some of IPS monitor variations are S-IPS, P-IPS, e-IPS, H-IPS, and PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching). The IPS-Pro is the most recent panel from IPS Alpha Technology. All these are almost similar and are collectively known as “IPS-type” monitors. And they all assert to deliver the main benefits linked to IPS monitors—outstanding color, and ultra-wide viewing angles.

Why is the IPS monitor so popular?

Today, many devices on the market have IPS panels, and the numbers are increasing. For instance, they are included in many Apple monitors and many different brands of gaming laptops. Despite the many reasons why companies are adopting them, the most significant is screen quality.

Some of the TN problems solved by the IPS include poor viewing angle and color reproduction. The IPS panel creates clear images and doesn’t display any distorted colors. Besides, it has a broader viewing angle and little tailing when the screen is touched. And which is essential for touch screen devices.

High-end IPS screens possess a larger color gamut and extra features that can take your gaming experience to the next level. Such features include better uniformity, built-in calibration tools, and backlighting technology.

The fluid nature of IPS is possible because of the technology’s ability to switch the visible behavior of the liquid layer by making the crystal molecules react to the electric field in apparel to the TFT. These and other factors combined to make IPS the panel of choice during the release of Apple’s Retina Display on their tablets and smartphones.

Why IPS is a gamer’s choice

An exceptional video game family spends most of their time in front of a screen. And the IPS panel offers them one of the best displays possible. IPS monitors have high refresh rates, which gets rid of most, if not all motion blur.

As far as color accuracy is considered, IPS monitors perform better than TN and VA monitors. They also support professional color space technologies, including Adobe RGB. Still, in the past years, response time was one of the significant shortcomings of IPS technology.

Lately, the IPS response time has improved to the extent they are among the most preferred by gamers. Hence, it has led to an escalation in the popularity of IPS monitors for gaming. Most of the features that make the IPS display awesome also help to reduce eyestrain from long sessions of gaming.

Also, an IPS screen is more viewable under direct sunlight compared to other popular monitors. The reason, it has a built-in backlight. Additionally, the IPS has a considerably lengthier lifespan, thus does not degrade fast. To mean, it will last for years, since the screen barely features burn-ins or death pixels.

Why is the magnificent IPS monitor imperfect?

If you concentrate only on all the superb features of the IPS monitor, you will conclude that it’s the perfect screen ever created. Unfortunately, that is debatable.  The most significant challenge users find with the IPS monitor is its dull color black—yes, it shows the black color, but it is not that deep. Still, some IPS monitor brands take care of this problem.

Generally, IPS has a longer response time than TN panels. The good thing, the recently introduced Super PLS is a very flexible panel, with many improved features.

Bottom line

One of the most significant features of your gaming monitor setup is its display. IPS monitors produce ultra-wide 178-degree vertical and horizontal angles of view. This makes it a top choice for gamers as well as CAD engineers, video editors, and pro photographers. If you are searching for the most elegant possible visual display, at a more approachable price tag, IPS monitors are the way to go.

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