What is French provincial furniture?

French provincial furniture was originated in the 17th and 18th century in the provincial towns of France such as Lyon and Liege, Blois and Orleans and in the countryside of Bordeaux and Normandy. The French provincial style of furniture is highly popular among lovers of antique furniture. French provincial furniture features a mix of styles from both Parisian and Royal style of furniture.

French provincial furniture for bedrooms has a more utilitarian design than Parisian styles of furniture which were more ornately carved as suited for the French royalty. This is because the provincial styles of furniture were mainly designed by keeping the middle-class community in mind. However, there are some designer pieces of modern style furniture which make them highly attractive.

Most of these bedrooms furniture such as beds, dressing table, bed side table, wall mirror and cabinets come in some large scale designs, and if you want to place then in your small bedroom then you can customise your furniture through the manufacturers.

Features of French provincial bedroom furniture

The French provincial style designer furniture features short cabriole legs along with smooth and elaborate curves. Cabriole legs refer to a distinctively curved leg design used in all kinds of furniture pieces. Inlay works and wood carvings do not figure much in these styles like, unlike French royal furniture styles. The dining chairs of this style often feature carvings done in patterns resembling wheat which indicates the countryside of France. Ladder back is another feature of French provincial style dining chairs. So if you want to decorate your home with some French style furniture then you can use the French provincial furniture in your bedroom and similarly you need to place some French style dinning table, chairs and cabinets in other rooms.

What are the benefits of French style furniture?


French provincial style furniture was carved out of woods abundantly found in the French countryside such as oak, beech, elm, cherry, walnut, apple and many others. This is a departure from French royal furniture which was carved out of imported wood. These woods are quite durable and easy to move.


The colors used to paint the French provincial style furnishings were of light tones such as sky blue, light green, light pink, silver, beige, gray and many others. White was the common color used on the pieces of furniture along with different shades of gray. Overall, this colour gave an aesthetic and royal feel to the furniture.

There are many pieces of French provincial furniture which are quite popular among people looking to impart a French provincial décor to their homes. Some examples have been mentioned here.

Some types of French provincial bedroom furniture:

Dresser Drawer

Dresser drawers are popular French provincial furniture pieces. The dressers are crafted of wood in the French provincial style and may or may not come with mirrors. The number of drawers may vary along with the number of cabinet doors. Beautiful and elegant handcrafted dressers done in French provincial styles are available in the market in various dimensions. What this dresser drawer brings in is elegance and simplicity to your furniture collection.

Double Bed

French provincial double beds may be carved from timber or upholstered. The beds either have cabriole legs or turned reeded legs. The bedhead can feature either the square lines of the Louis XVI period or the sharp curves of the period of Louis XV. The bedhead is also made highly ornamental.


18th-century French provincial style armoires featuring Louis XV style intricate carvings are available in the market. Carvings of baskets, flowers, urns and leaf work may be done on the armoires. French painted finishing is done on the armoires such as a dark honey color.

High-quality French provincial pieces are made using the similar technique, materials and structural principles as in 17th-century French provinces. Modern methods are not used in the construction, and only hands are used for cutting and finishing, which makes it more traditional and thereby maintaining the traditional appeal of the furniture.

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