What exactly is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is a term we often tend to hear but fail to understand. Our mind roams around the mystic waves of intrigue and whatnot because omg such a cool acronym, right!?

Ha-ha, relax. SEO might seem difficult to understand and be good at but it isn’t really. For starters, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and let’s get one thing straight it isn’t any form of sorcery! If a single human being can do (which happens a lot) then you can too. The moment you start thinking like this – your life would be a lot easier. Something that is achievable by other human-beings is just as much achievable by you.

So the question arises that what exactly is SEO? How does it work?

We all hear a lot about how SEO works and what it is – so to make a long story short it is a computable, repeatable procedure that is used to direct signals towards search engines that the page you own is worth showing in the Google’s index.

Okay, but what is Google Index?

As per the most ordinary of languages i.e. layman English – indexing is nothing but a procedure performed in order to add web pages into the Google Search. It highly depends on what sort of a meta tag you use or used – it can either be the index or it can just be no-index – Google will crawl and index your pages. If you choose a no-index tag then that means that your page will not be added into the web search’s index. Due to the default settings, every WordPress post, as well as page, is indexed.

Google Crawling?

Now if you just pondered over the fact that how on Earth does Google just crawl and index your pages then, here is the answer to that. A web crawler which is commonly known as web spider or web robot is an automated database or script that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automatic manner for the purpose of Web Indexing. It is used as a means to update data.

Anyway, so back to the topic. So Google uses an intricate mathematical formulation called an algorithm. The sole purpose of the algorithm is to score every website and search that people might do in Google – so as to give a factual statement about which one ranks the highest or lowest. Only the most searched and best websites appear on the first page of the google engine.

The algorithm is divided into subdivisions and thus each one has its own function to perform. For instance, while one might update you with a score for the quality of a site like its domain authority (DA) etc.

Another would provide a score for the number of sites links in connection to you. While these two would be working on technical things one subdivision would help and show you the score for how many people trust you. What’s your job? To fill up these score spaces more for your websites in comparison to what the other websites might have. The only way you can affect your sites’ search engine ranking is by having the highest of scores in terms of;

  • Quality
  • Website Authority
  • Trust Percentage

No, no don’t sweat on it – there are hundreds of such subdivisions and then those further have branches and twigs sprouting out of them thus … you can always up your website’s game and get more opportunity for better rankings. Where does the optimization of your site take you here? If you optimize your site it means you have a higher chance of being at the top in comparison to others.

The 3 main parts are quality, trust and authority, however, so let’s peek into them a bit for now.

How does Google rate the quality?

The quality of any site is judged by the how you stand out in portraying your website. If you are selling your mugs with the same description every other site is then no – you are offering nothing unique and thus you could end up laying in the stacks on 30 other common sites that might or might not get a click ever.

Yes, your mugs could be way more durable and whatnot but the content that’s being offered is the same so the mug quality doesn’t matter here – your content’s quality does! So now you know how to be unique when it comes to your quality score – stand out by giving something interesting to the audiences. Be different and unique – try creativity, for once.

Okay but what about trust?

Google won’t ever show your site to the researchers until it is sure of your trustworthiness. A common procedure for Google is to literally penalize those websites that have a consistency of poor reviews. Thus, you need good customer reviews – if you do not – google would in time do the honor of making sure your site disappears or is never seen to be wasted time on their search engine.

Maintain high authoritative websites to link up with your site. Ask your happy customers and vendors as well as partners to give their reviews to show google your credibility and trustworthiness.

How to maintain your authority?

According to Cox Bundle plans, when all else is done with you need to make sure that Google ranks your authority domain as high. Google wants to show its researchers something that is already in high demand. For instance, if you’re selling mugs – you need to convince Google that your site is the best one in the mug business.

Create your fan base by building up your social presence as well as network and start adding fruit to this branch of yours. Ask your fans to share unpacking pictures and that the best one would get a 5% discount on their next purchase. Similarly, use the giveaway technique to make people comment and share your posts. This would make Google think your product is highly desirable and viola – you would end up having better and high authority.


In the end, if you look at it all – the whole picture – you will see how SEO is really just a process of proving your site’s worth to the search engines. The more positive responses, comments, and reviews you have the more chances for your website and product to rank higher and be seen. Add quality to your content and create links and backlinks – this would make Google confident of the fact that your website is indeed worthy of attention and being in the first 5 pages.

Nathin John
Nathin John
Nathan John is one of the well known creative content writers and he has been working for seven years in Centurylink Internet. He writes for innovation in technology and also takes participate in various online communities.
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