Wells Adams on proposal to Sarah Hyland: “there’s so much stress”

Ahead of his proposal to actress Sarah Hyland, Wells Adams revealed that he was under “so much stress” and “pressure”.

The Bachelorette alum recently asked for Hyland’s hand in marriage while they were on vacation in Fiji. While everything went exactly as planned, Adams was definitely feeling jitters prior to the big moment. Speaking on his podcast with Brandi Cyrus, ‘Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi’, the DJ said:

“It’s kind of a weird thing. Guys, for the most part, aren’t used to having expensive pieces of jewelry around them. So, it freaks us out just in general,” Adams told Cyrus on their podcast. “Also, for me, we were traveling across the ocean, and so, like, that’s even more stress of like, ‘What happens if, like, someone steals my bag or something?’ There’s so much stress.”

“Everyone is like, ‘Are you so happy?’ And I was so happy, but I’m also so happy I’m not in charge of that very nice ring,” Adams continued. “I don’t want to be in charge of this anymore! There’s too much pressure!”


But Adams speculates that his now fiance was not at all surprised that he was about to propose.

“I don’t think [she was surprised]. I think she will say that she was,” Adams shared. “I, like, threw her off at the end. I think she thought it was happening and then right before we left, I was dressed pretty frumpy. And she was like, ‘What?’ And I was like, ‘Is this T-shirt OK?’ And she was like, ‘You’re wearing a T-shirt?’ That threw her off a little bit. Listen, Sarah’s a smart girl. She knew what was happening, I think.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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