What are water walls and why are they becoming so popular?

A water wall is a term used to describe a decorative water feature involving water jets dispensing water to slide down an embellished wall.

A water wall is versatile in that it can be utilised as an interior or an exterior decorative feature.

Due to its simplicity and its silent operation, water walls are not obtrusive, but rather attractive ornaments to the interior look and feel of your building. Something about the design and the appeal of a well-placed water wall emanates a sense of elegance and adds style in such a way that no other decorative piece is able to.

Furthermore, water walls are equally suitable for outside decoration, whether as a captivating, yet modest addition to a humble garden, or a grandiose spectacle placed front and centre of your outdoor setting to declare sophistication and style.

Benefits of different types of water walls

A water wall comes in a handful of different types which can serve a number of different decorative and functional benefits.

One of the most common and simple types is the wall washing type, which involves a literal wall of stone or marble (yet wood and other materials can still work) with water jets placed on top of the wall to create a cascading effect. In this type, water slides directly down the wall, hence the name ‘wall washing’.

The wall can be purely flat to create a shimmering, captivating effect, or the wall may have bumps, grooves or holes to create a pattern or add shape to the water feature, a tasteful way to present a brand name or element.

Water walls may also involve a glass sheet, often smaller in size and observable from two different sides. Used more as an embellishment to an existing design piece such as a plant or garden, the glass water wall evokes a cleaner, fancier sense of style and can also function as a source of light, especially at night time.

Water walls may be altered to allow a point of entry through the wall, acting as a highly sophisticated gate of sorts.

Another type of water wall is known as a projecting water wall, in which the water jets project water outward. The water does not touch the wall, but rather falls in front of it not unlike a mini-waterfall.

Whatever the setting, a water wall is an attractive option to consider in interior and exterior design.

Here are some reasons why they are becoming so popular:

Simple attractiveness

What is a water wall and why are they becoming so popular?
One of the main reasons people buy water walls is the aesthetic quality that they provide to any space they’re included in. Photo: Siewwy84, Bigstock

A water wall is much more versatile and simple to utilise as a design piece compared to other water features.

An unwieldy feature such as a water fountain is more difficult to incorporate into your interior and exterior design. Fountains take up a disproportionate amount of space and are often only suitable in large buildings such as high-tier corporations, hotels and resorts.

In addition, other water features may suffer a similar problem, requiring a set amount of square metre space to be truly appealing.

Conversely, water walls are at home in any design situation, whether personal in your backdoor garden or professional in a corporate setting as an interior or exterior ornament. Water walls can be so small as to fit inside an office space, or large enough to cover the entire side of a building.

Ease of installation

Relatively speaking, for the effect of the final product, installing a water wall is a rather easy process. In fact, water walls are so simple to install that they are not limited to business or corporate use, and do-it-yourself kits exist for home installation.

Low energy

Water walls are low-cost water features with lower rates of energy consumption, especially compared to other water features. As water only trickles down a wall in a water wall, there is no need for energy to be used to project water out of a channel (with the exception of projecting water walls), except to feed the water back from the receptacle to the top of the wall.

Why the water wall is a feature for you

Wherever you are located, there are plenty of options for water wall manufacture available to meet your design needs.

The water wall is low-key, a feature that can be placed to the side and still grab your attention as if it were a centrepiece. It can also be a centrepiece and still leave you with room to manoeuvre with your decorative efforts. No matter the occasion, the water wall is most definitely a suitable option for you.

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