Tyra Banks announces model theme park Modelland

Tyra Banks seems to be the woman who’s done it all. Not only is she an international supermodel, she also created and hosted the hit series “Americas Next Top Model”, wrote a book “Modelland” and graduated from Harvard Business School.

As a woman that has achieved so much, it’s no surprise that in 2009 she topped Forbes list of top earning women.

However, it appears that Tyra wants to expand her horizons even further. The model turn business woman has recently announced her newest project.

In a surprise new business venture, Banks has decided to open a theme park. Interestingly, the theme park will be called Modelland, the same name as her bestselling book series.

Very few details about the newest theme park have been revealed, but Banks has stated that she hopes it will “bring modelling to the masses and expand the definition of beauty”.

In the press release for the project, the supermodel claimed that she hopes the park will help to redefine what a model is and for people to be the dream versions of themselves “Each will undertake a transformational journey to celebrate their unique beauty,”

As great as this may be, it sounds a little vague. So here is everything we currently know about Modelland.

Where is it going to be?

The model theme park will be set on a 21,000 square foot plot in Santa Monica. The exact location is an outdoor mall known as Santa Monica Place.

How long is it on for?

When the attraction was first announced, many people believed it to be a pop-up or something that is only running for a short period of time. However, Banks has stated that the park is in fact a permanent addition to Santa Monica. In fact, the supermodel has revealed that she has even more locations planned for the future.

What’s going to be there?

Not much has been revealed about what Modelland will actually be. However, it has been announced that there will be multiple ticketed attractions, a catwalk, restaurants and shops selling both Modelland merch as well as items from other brands.

According to WWD, Tyra’s venture sounds similar to the 1990’s supermodel restaurant, Fashion Café. Considering Fashion Café only lasted a short eight years, let’s hope Banks’ project is a little more successful.

What was Tyra’s inspiration?

Banks grew up in Los Angeles and therefore frequently visited the popular theme park, Disneyland, she has in fact said that Modelland is inspired Disneyland. However, she insists that she has put her own spin on things, by including a model filled story line to add to the experience of visitors.

Although people are only just hearing about the project, Tyra has said that “Modelland has been 10 intense years in the making,” It appears that Modelland is not just another business venture to the supermodel, with her stating “It has been my ultimate dream and I have worked tirelessly with laser-focused tunnel vision to bring it to fruition”.

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