Timothée Chalamet takes a subtle dig at Scarlett Johansson

In case you missed it — because it was barely there — Timothée Chalamet recently took a jab at actress Scarlett Johansson.

Chalamet appeared on the December 9 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” During the interview, the 23-year-old Oscar nominee praise “Little Women” director Greta Gerwig. He even noted that he’d take any role to work with Gerwig again in the future. The actor was previously in Gerwig’s film “Lady Bird” and is now starring in “Little Women.”

It was when Chalamet gave a shout out to Gerwig when he referenced ScarJo’s response to her “Rub & Tug” casting backlash.

“Greta, if you’re watching this…you want me to play a chair or a tree [I will],” the actor said. He then playfully quipped, “Like Scarlett Johansson, I’ll play a tree!”

Earlier this year Johansson was embroiled in controversy following her “As If” magazine interview in July. In the issue, the actress responded to her controversial casting past including playing a Japanese cyber-human in “Ghost in the Shell”. She then exited the movie “Rub & Tug” after being under fire for her casting as a transgender man.

In response to the backlash, Johansson told “As If”:

“You know, as an actor, I should be allowed to play any person, or any tree, or any animal because that is my job and the requirements of my job.”

The Black Widow actress later said that her comments were taken out of context. She told Entertainment Weekly: “I personally feel that, in an ideal world, an actor should be able to play anybody and Art, in all forms, should be immune to political correctness.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
Laura is a reporter and a gossip columnist for Best in Australia. She focuses on celebrities, science and social affairs in Australia and worldwide.
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