Things you need to know before you go on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour

After many sleepless nights nothing is more relaxing than getting out of the hustle and bustle from Las Vegas on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. If seeing of the wonders of the world wasn’t enough, seeing it from the comfort of your own aircraft adds a whole new level to the experience. Thousands of people make their way down to this national park to see the iconic landmark that is referenced in so many different avenues. Instead of fighting your way to get the perfect photo opportunity, you should see it from above free from photobombers.

So after you’re enticed and are looking at going on one of these rides there are a few things that you should be familiar with. Below we are going to talk about some of the things you need to know before you go on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

What site are you going to?

This wonder of the world spans over 250 miles so it is only natural that there are more than one area to visit. In fact there are four main parts that you can see named the North, South, East and West Rims. Each rim has their own sets of drawbacks and merits so it is important that you do your research beforehand. The South Rim is the most popular area as it is what you see in most references such as postcards and on the big screen. You should be warned however this area gets the most populated which is why many people tend to get a Grand Canyon helicopter tour to visit it.

The second most popular is the West Rim as it is both closest from the downtown strip and also features the Skywalk. The skywalk lets you see the base below from a unique walking experience.

What else can you see?

The whole Grand Canyon helicopter tour experience isn’t just limited to seeing the wonder. There are many other attractions along the way that you get the chance to see from the comfort of your own aircraft. Some notable attractions that you should keep your eye out for include the following;

·         Hoover Dam

·         Colorado River

·         Lake Mead

·         Mojave Desert

It is also important to note that if you decide to visit the West Rim on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour you also get the chance to land on the base. The West Rim is the only site with a helipad on the base where you can walk around and experience the attraction from the ground.

How to get there

Obviously you will be flying on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour however you should also be aware of how you are getting to the takeoff point.  Each company will have different regulations on where they will take off from and how you are getting there so be sure you ask beforehand. Some providers will offer a complimentary pick up and drop off shuttle service while others will make you get to the airport yourself.

There are three main airports in Las Vegas in which Grand Canyon helicopter tours depart from and they are the following;

·         McCarran Airport

·         Henderson Executive Airport

·         Boulder City

McCarran Airport is the most common for departures of this nature and is only a $15 taxi ride to get there if you don’t have a shuttle lined up. If you are departing from Boulder City you should be aware that it can add an extra hour and a half to your total trip time. This is important to account for especially if you have anything planned for the night once you return.

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