The movie role J.Lo makes her want to “shoot my toe off”

Jennifer Lopez’s success makes it seem like she made all the right choices throughout her career. And she probably did. However, the actress and pop music superstar confessed to rejecting one role that could’ve changed the course for her.

The Hustlers star opened up to Vanity Fair about a part that she regrets turning down in the past. Without reservations, the actress said, “Yes.”

“There was a movie called Unfaithful. And it was offered to me and the script, for me, wasn’t all the way there,” she explained. J.Lo further revealed the reason behind rejecting the role claiming she didn’t know better.

“I should have known that [director] Adrian Lyne was going to kill it, but I didn’t.”

The part ultimately landed on Diane Lane’s lap and here’s what J.Lo has to say about it:

“Diane Lane was so perfect for it, and it was obviously meant to be her, but when I think about that, I want to literally, like, shoot my toe off. I do.”

Lyne’s Unfaithful starred Richard Gere and Lane as married couple Edward and Connie. The characters undergo a marriage crisis after Edward finds out that Connie was having an affair. The 2002 drama earned Lane an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Meanwhile, Lopez starred in two movies that same year: Enough and Maid in Manhattan. The latter went on to be a romantic classic. The star, later on, had her time working with Gere on a different project in the 2004 film Shall We Dance.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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