The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is one of the most successful in the world

The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is composed of over 1,000 companies that employ more than 100,000 people. The number one export for Canada’s pharma industry is prescription medicines and medical devices while they also produce generic drugs which make up about 50% of prescriptions dispensed in North America.

They are a major supplier to other countries including developing nations such as India, China, Brazil and Russia where their products are not yet available due to patent restrictions or lack of awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention treatments. They focus on the history behind this industry and how it has evolved into what it currently is today.

Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry

The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is a major part of the economy and employs over 12,000 people. It also contributes $24 billion to GDP annually and generates $2 billion in tax revenue for federal and provincial governments. However, this contribution to the country’s natural resources could be at risk with increased trade barriers from other countries such as India.

Useful and Affordable Drugs

Canadian pharmaceutical drugs and found they are not only affordable but better than their American counterparts. There is a common misconception that the United States has better quality drugs, when in fact Canada has higher standards for producing pharmaceuticals which is reflected in the lower prices of many prescription medications. The most expensive medication on this list costs $1 per pill while the cheapest can be purchased for around $5 USD. If you live in America, it’s time to start shopping north of the border.

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