Technical Support Philippines: Outsourcing Done Right

There’s a theory that was once the stuff of science fiction, but we now seem to be barrelling towards it—the idea that one day human and machine will intertwine. You may see that as humans being absorbed by computers, computers being added to humans, or anywhere in between.

The scary fact of the matter is that we are already part machine, perhaps more than we realize. If you view your subconscious mind and thoughts as an extension of your soul, then it becomes quite hard to argue that our phones and computers aren’t extensions of our brains. Further, who would have thought just a generation ago that we would now be walking around with personal computers in our pockets?

We have never been more dependent on technology than we are right now. With a technology dependence as grand as ours comes the need for that same technology to function properly.

But what happens when it doesn’t?

Most of us know the basic and easy tricks. We power down and turn back on, do a hard reset, or sometimes simply unplug the device. Some of us can troubleshoot moderate-level issues that arise.

It’s likely, though, that we have a definite ceiling to our tech prowess. A decade ago, maybe a trip to Best Buy would have been in order, but no longer. We want first-hand, readily accessible tech support right now, right in our homes.

If you are a technology company, whether you’re selling a software as a service, computers, smartphones, or any other complex product, you need a technical support team. These are not cheap.

There are several ways to reduce these costs, and some are more effective than others. The first goal for your tech support staff is to avoid wasting time on the phone answering simple questions. If you’ve worked on the support side, you’ve answered your fair share of often-repeated questions that are easily fixed or that result from common user errors.

One easy way to address this is to post a list of frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers and easy troubleshoots. This won’t eliminate all of these repetitive calls, but it will funnel some of them out.

Time is the most valuable asset, and this means that wasted time is the costliest. In-house technical support is expensive, so the last thing you want to pay people to do is instruct users how to restart their computer.

Another route to providing cost-effective technical support is to explore outsourcing. Outsourcing has at times earned a bad name, but that is changing. We currently live in the day of the global marketplace, and companies are evolving to meet those needs.

In Southeast Asia, the island nation of the Philippines is home to a young, educated, and steadily growing workforce. Once a poor country, the Philippines has seen its industry and economy begin to flourish as the nation’s GDP continues to rise.

The secret sauce behind this growth is the business process outsourcing industry. Technical support is one of the many subsets of this incredible industry, which has led to this Filipino renaissance.

In the city of Manila is a company that has elevated outsourced technical support to new levels. That company is PITON-Global, which has spent the last two decades surging to the front of this industry.

PITON-Global has smartly tapped into the resources at its disposal and used them to become an industry-leading provider of outsourced technical support in the Philippines to growing start-ups and mid-sized businesses in Australia.

First and foremost, the company provides a high-tech, ultra-secure, and state-of-the-art call centre. Next, we all understand the importance of clear communication. In simplest terms, the best technical support is completely useless if the user cannot understand what the support is saying to them. An advantage to outsourcing technical support to the Philippines is that the one-time US territory has created a generation of English-speaking Filipinos with neutral accents. This well-educated, anglophone workforce is a great resource for the technical support that PITON-Global provides.

The industry-leading outsourcing provider doesn’t just have a state-of-the-art facility, they have best-in-class leadership and service. Youth and wisdom don’t often go hand in hand. Even when you have a workforce that’s educated, young, and well-paid, they need strong leadership to develop and steer them in the right direction.

PITON-Global has won numerous awards in leadership and outsourcing excellence, as well as customer service. Who else would you want to handle your technical support in the Philippines?

A global economy is not a big, terrible thing—it’s actually one of the best things to happen to the business world. We now connect not by where we live but as the human race, and this global workforce has come together to create great products and support services. PITON-Global has positioned itself as a leader in the BPO industry. If you are considering basing a technical support team in the Philippines, look no further.

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