How to take care of your synthetic grass lawn

One of the main attractions of synthetic grass lawns is that, since they aren’t real, they don’t need to be watered or mowed. This makes them highly attractive to homeowners who don’t want to spend long periods of their weekend doing landscaping work and would rather have a simple solution that looks great with little maintenance.

With that said, your beautiful fake grass will still need some TLC every now and then so that it can look incredible all-year-round. Let’s look at some tips for taking care of your artificial turf that are recommend by experienced installers like Amax Synthetic Grass.

Small stains

Because it’s outside and exposed to the elements, your artificial grass lawn is going to pick up stains from random pieces of debris flying by in the wind as well as spills from fluids and other sources. Stains like alcohol, blood and urine can be cleaned up relatively quickly if you are prompt and don’t leave them time to harden.

Use a mixture of detergent and water so that you don’t do any damage to the grass fibres. Rinse out the cleaning solution with cool water and allow it to air dry.

Tough stains

Stubborn stains like those from grease, ink, oil and paint are can be a bit trickier to deal with and will require a bit more effort to clean up. Use mineral spirits to draw the stain out, then gently rinse the grass and blot up any excess liquid.

Really tough stains

Stuff like chewing gum can be a nightmare to remove if handled incorrectly. The best thing to do is use an aerosol refrigerant to freeze the substance before carefully chipping it away.

Other debris

Other than cleaning stains, you will need to deal with loose debris that collects over time from the random happenings of the outside world. This is especially important in autumn when tree leaves collect in large quantities and sink into the artificial grass.

In terms of equipment you will need, a hose, rake and perhaps a leaf blower are all you are going to need for most routine cleaning. A rake can also be helpful for keeping the grass fibres loose and evenly spread around.

Basic care steps

The basic steps for the care of your fake grass are as follows:

  1. Remove physical debris from grass as quickly as possible to avoid permanent damage being done
  2. Rinse with water regularly to remove light debris like dust and pollen. If it rains often, you won’t need to manually rinse as often
  3. Use a brush and sweep against the grain in areas of high-traffic. This helps keep the grass form getting matted

Hopefully the above information has given you some valuable insight on how to properly take care of an artificial grass lawn.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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