Stephen King’s The Dark Half gets another adaptation at MGM

One of Stephen King’s classics, The Dark Half, is returning to theatres in another film adaptation. The film will reportedly be made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Published back in 1989, the unnerving novel follows the story of recovering alcoholic Thad Beaumont. He is an author who publishes under his real name and under a pseudonym. Beaumont’s series of publications under his alias “George Stark” becomes true runaway hits. His series chronicles a fictional serial killer’s life.

George Stark’s true identity is later discovered by the public. Beaumont’s wife, Liz, convinces him to stage a mock funeral for his alias. The plan results to the author and his loved ones being tormented.

The Dark Half’s plot is interpreted as one of the more personal narratives that King has written. The esteemed horror author had a similar experience when his pseudonym Richard Bachman was outed in the media.

Back in 1993, the first adaptation of The Dark Half was released. It was directed by the late George A. Romero. The lead was given to Timothy Hutton who played both Thad and George. The movie marked one of Hutton’s greatest performances. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert sang praises Hutton’s portrayal.

Director Alex Ross Perry is reportedly tapped to direct the new MGM adaptation. Earlier this year it was announced that Perry will also be adapting King’s short story Rest Stop. Further details of the planned adaptation are kept closely under wraps. It is expected that Perry will be giving his own interpretation of the story.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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