6 smart tactics to mow the perfect lawn

Mowing is a practical way to encourage grass growth and to ensure your lawn looks well manicured and healthy at all times. It’s vital to mow your lawn properly so you don’t end up hurting it in the long run.

Mowing is quite similar to pruning – proper techniques will have your lawn looking healthy and well groomed which will reduce the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants over time.

Sometimes lawn problems are caused because of poor mowing methods.

Here are some smart tactics to help you mow the perfect lawn without having to try too hard.

Avoid Going Too Low With Your Mowing Height

Mowing height needs to be adjusted regularly to ensure you are cutting your grass in the right manner. Follow these actions:

  • Set your mower to a high setting and allow grass to grow longer.
  • Only cut the top of the grass blades.
  • Mow more frequently to keep grass healthy.

Taller grass adds shade to the soil, which is great for preventing the growth of weeds. This tall grass also ensures deeper roots – able to better penetrate and absorb water and nutrients from the soil. During the winter season, you can lower the cutting setting because there is less sunlight than otherwise.

Ensure Lawn Mower Blades Are Sharp At All Times

Dull lawn mowing blades will rip out glass instead of giving them a clean cut, which can result in the growth of diseases and poorly growing grass.

Lawn Blades
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Follow these tips:

  • Mow dry grass only because wet grass dulls blades faster than dry grass.
  • Sharpen or replace lawn mower blades when you notice signs of wear to keep grass healthy.
  • Avoid using dull blades to prevent the lawn from looking grayish brown.

Lawn mower blades should be balanced and sharp at all times to ensure you maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Choose The Right Time For Mowing

The time you choose to mow your lawn is vital to keeping grass green and healthy. Consider these factors:

  • Mowing early evening will ensure that water properly penetrates through the grass and into the soil.
  • Avoid mowing in the hot sun when temperatures are high because water will dry instantly and will cause your grass to become brown and unhealthy faster.
  • Make sure the grass is always dry so your lawn has ample time to recover before the next day arrives.

Always make sure your grass is dry when mowing because wet clippings can clog your mower and cause it to dump clumps of grass on your lawn.

Avoid Following The Same Mowing Pattern

Every time you mow the lawn, consider changing the direction and pattern for the best results. Follow these tips:

  • Avoid using the same pattern as grass follows the cutting direction and tends to lean towards it, which can make your lawn look unkempt over time.
  • Alternate the pattern to ensure that grass grows upright and tall without forming ruts – assisted by the different mowing directions.
  • Change the mowing direction for your lawn to better control coarse grass, while creating an even surface.
  • If you’re mowing on a slope, move side to side instead of up and down the slope to reduce risk of injury from slipping.

Leave Grass Clippings On Your Lawn

When mowing your lawn, leave grass clippings unless they form heavy rows or clumps. Here’s why you should leave grass clippings on your lawn:

  • They add essential nutrients to the soil.
  • They break down quickly and reduce waste.
  • They can be composted to become a ready fertiliser source – helping soil retain water and developing stronger roots.

Make sure you only use grass clippings that do not have any lawn weed products because you could end up harming your grass otherwise.

Mow When The Weather Is Shady

Mowing can stress your grass because of its cutting action, which is why it is a good idea to mow in shady conditions. Consider the following:

  • Mow grass in shaded areas to ensure that it retains water, which enables it to revive quicker than otherwise.
  • Do not mow in direct sunlight as plants will lose water and recover slower than usual.
  • Mowing in the shade will also prevent you from feeling excessively tired when you move up and down your lawn.

Mowing grass is not as simple as picking up a mower and cutting grass, especially if you’re looking to craft a well-manicured lawn with a landscaped finish. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure your mow the perfect lawn for your home.

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Talia Williamson
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