Siri can now unlock Tesla Model 3

These days virtual assistants can pretty much do anything. From answering basic questions related to current weather conditions, time and location to setting up reminders, timing your workout or turning on your wake-up alarms.

Virtual assistants are so advanced, that you can even hook them up with your home lighting system or even play quiz games with them if there isn’t anything more important on your daily agenda. But, have you ever thought how cool it would be to use your virtual assistant to unlock your car? Well, if you are an iPhone user who owns a Tesla, then you can actually try this out.

Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, might not be the most popular virtual personal assistant out there but is lucky enough to be compatible with Tesla. During March’s software update of Tesla’s iOS app, owners of the Model S, X and 3 are now able to use Siri’s assistant services on their cars.

Tesla and Apple have been collaborating from last November, despite the silent competition between the two companies. Both tech giants are focused on the self-driving car market, so much that Apple even “stole” some of it’s rivals engineers. After Tesla’s leader Elon Musk referred to Apple as “Tesla’s graveyard”, many doubted that the two companies would ever work together.

However, it seems as they’ve found their mutual ground as, besides Siri’s integration, Tesla also started using Apple Pay services, allowing its customers to pay the famous $1,000 deposit for Model 3 reservation.

Siri offers convenience to iPhone users who own Tesla vehicles

Tesla vehicles already have integrated the system with their official app, so having Siri in the vehicle will more serve as a convenience to iPhone users. However, Siri will be able to perform some commands separately from the main Tesla app.

For example, Siri will be able to answer questions without having to launch Tesla’s app independently. Car owners may ask Siri about their battery life, to find out how much charge it has or simply check if the vehicle is locked.

Some features, like valet mode or climate control, are still not supported by Siri voice command but are expected to be available through future updates.

Siri can also assist drivers to honk the horn and locate their vehicle, so if someone accidentally forgets where their car is parked, Apple’s virtual assistant will find out.

Siri voice command does not work in a driving mode

Siri’s voice control options will be disabled once the vehicle starts moving. This is due to the fact that Tesla’s drivers are fully depended on the tech company’s own app and voice control system. Therefore, they won’t be able to use Siri while driving their car.

Siri’s voice command is also restricted when it comes to phone setting and making calls when driving. Also, the navigation system is not enabled while Tesla’s navigation is in motion. This means that you won’t be able to use Siri to call a friend or find your fastest route home while driving. Instead, you will have to rely on Tesla’s app. As Siri’s features are limited at the moment, there might be a chance for the car manufacturer to allow more of Siri’s command features instead of developing their own interface system.

Tesla also announced that all-wheel drive Model 3 will probably enter production in a couple of months, that is if the manufacturing levels are increased. According to the reports, the tech company is still behind with Model 3 production, coming up with around 2,000 units a week. In order to add an all-wheel drive in the mix, the company would have to jump to 5,000 units per week in order to keep up.

The company should have passed this mark back in December 2017, however, they are still behind with their production due to the delay in battery production. It seems that the battery build process is more complicated than it was predicted, as Tesla managed to deliver only 1,550 Model 3s in 2017 and according to the current predictions, their original goal of producing 10,000 cars each week is definitely abandoned and forgotten.


Tatjana Milcic
Tatjana Milcic
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