Shawn Mendes finally confirms relationship rumors with Camila Cabello

Fans shipping the Shamila love team need to sit down for this and brace themselves before reading on. One half of the pair has gone public to say that Shamila is official. Shawn Mendes has confirmed his relationship with Camila Cabello after months of keeping fans on the edge with PDA-packed content from the paparazzi and celeb news outlets.

While it’s already very clear that the two have taken their romance from exclusively promotional to real life, people have been waiting for one of them to actually confirm the much-awaited news. So how did it happen?

In a Q and A with fans in his concert held at Uncasville, Connecticut last Friday, one fan asked carefully worded version of what basically everyone wants to ask the musician:

“You’ve said you’ve never been in love. Has that changed recently?” the fan asked via Twitter video.

As for Mendes’ answer, he continued to play coy but he did mention that he is, indeed, in a relationship.
“Honestly, I wanna say I wanna talk to you guys about this stuff, but it’s not just me in the relationship,” Mendes says. He then goes on to explain why he prefers to keep mum on his romance with Cabello. “There’s another person involved and I can’t say things that I feel. It’s not just me deciding you know?”

So there you have it! The pair’s undeniable chemistry in the music video of their smash hit “Señorita” was just too convincing to take lightly and those who speculated are absolutely right after all. Since the release of their music video, the pair have been spotted numerous times making out and holding hands in public.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
Laura is a reporter and a gossip columnist for Best in Australia. She focuses on celebrities, science and social affairs in Australia and worldwide.
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