How Shannon Noll lost his Australian Idol wealth

Shannon Noll is currently appearing on the reality TV series ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ but has taken the time to talk about the challenges he and his family have faced following the death of his father.

Noll’s father passed away in a farming accident before the Australian Idol runner-up had become famous as a result of a brain injury and has said that it has since had a terrible toll on his whole family.

Shannon Noll was talking privately to fellow I’m a Celebrity contestant Fiona O’Loughlin when he revealed that today would’ve been his father’s 73rd birthday.

He said that it was his mother who has had it the toughest who is now living alone in a house having had the company of his father and her husband for many years prior. Noll said that it was easier on the sons, albeit not at all easy, because they all had their own lives with families, kids and partners.

Shannon Noll continued to say that “it’s the hardship that began for her then and it has never stopped”.

In addition to the immense emotional toll that the family had to endure following the father’s death, financial difficulties also began to arise as they struggled to keep the farm profitable and continue to work it.

He said that the timing of the drought didn’t help the cause as they had tried to push through the emotional difficulties by continuing with work on the farm. But the drought continued and they ended up losing “40 to 50 grand at a time for fuel, seed and spray.”

In such a tough time, these additional challenges were not what they needed and following a family meeting, they made the heartbreaking decision to sell the farm.

By the time the farm had been sold, Noll had appeared on the debut season of Australian Idol before finishing as runner up. His first two albums made it to a combined eight times platinum.

Shannon Noll said that the money he had earned form his short music career went straight into paying bills in order to limit the debt that the family had accrued as a result of the failed farming maintenance. He said “I didn’t blow it on yachts and all that sort of stuff. Just paid (bills)”.

Unsurprisingly, the ,majority of the music star’s time on ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ has been filled with talk about the Australian music industry and the various feuds he has encountered in his time.

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