Santiago Lopez, Reno Sparks Car Locksmith, speaks on why his lock picking business is the way to go

Homemade businessman Santiago Lopez has found success in providing lock smith services for his clients with Reno Sparks. Santiago, owns a website Reno Sparks Car Locksmith where he gives future clients a preview into his services and trade.

Santiago Lopez speaks about his business and experience:

What made you want to become a lock smith?

I went to the dealer to get an extra key for my vehicle. I could not believe they wanted $400 plus tax for it. I went home and started doing as much research on how to do it myself. Took me several months and practice and I got the key to work.  It was very fun to learn and accomplish the task and I decided to make it a full time job.

With the rapid growth of technology and security, do/will you offer more technological lock services?

I will continue to invest in more high tech equipment. I do not like to take short cuts and potentially damage a customer’s car. This is why I only deal with cars that I know my equipment can handle.

What services does your business currently offer?

I only do automotive locksmith work. I have noticed that locksmiths that do all jobs don’t tend to ever be proficient in all. That’s why I put all my focus on automotive work and currently get called by many locksmiths around the US for help and technical training.

Are there any specific locks or keys that your business does not service?

I don’t service vehicles that are 1998 or older as I have limited space in my vehicle and don’t want to carry around keys/parts for cars I rarely get calls for. Also some newer vehicles that are extremely rare.

What separates you from other locksmith specialists?

I don’t give estimates. I make sure to get all details of the car and what exactly is going on. My customers know 100% how much they will be paying before I even get there. I also only take jobs I know how to do. If i’m not able to do it, I tell customer to call around. Some locksmith show up to do jobs they don’t have the proper tools for and end up damaging the customer’s car. I would never do that.

For lockout services, does your business guarantee your clients damage free strategies?

I have over 40 special tools to get into about 95% of cars by picking the door lock. By picking the door lock, no damage will be done to the vehicle. If the door lock is not working or a tool doesn’t exist to pick the lock. I will use the air wedge and long reach tool method. This method should never be used because no matter how careful you are, the door will remain a bit bent out.

Thanks to Santiago for answering these questions.
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