10 Incredible safety tips for solo female travelers

Do you want to try solo travel? Then, kudos to you! That is an amazing aspiration, and you are going to have a memorable experience.

However, if you are afraid of the unknown or perceived risks, here are a few pieces of advice to solve some of your security issues. I love traveling, and I have been making solo plans each year. I have had my fair share of experiences while traveling alone – both good and bad. If I can do it, you can do it, too.

There are hazards out there, and at times, being alone might feel more depressing than exciting. But, there are ways to be more aware and prepared while you are out there exploring the world.

Here are my ten incredible safety tips for all solo female travelers:

  1. Make copies of your documents

If you lose your important travel documents, especially your passport, it can be challenging to get them replaced or to continue your trip. Having photocopies and photos of the documents on your phone or laptop can save you tons. This way, you can show the local authorities that you have a valid visa, and they can help you to arrange replacement documents from your local embassy.

2. Try to look confident

Nobody starts as a confident solo traveler. You will learn it with time, so fake it until you make it. Solo females who look lost or confused can become easy prey for pocket pickers or other individuals. So try to look confident and walk like you know where you are going. In case you do feel uncomfortable, use your gut feeling and ask for help.

3. Stay in touch with your family 

First things first, if you haven’t updated your family or friends where you are headed, you have to do it now. This is the most important and practical tip that needs to be ensured for your safety. I didn’t mean to scare you, but your family can track your exact location in case of an emergency. Install XNSPY for travelers, a mobile tracking app, on your phone and ask your family to check your GPS location remotely. This way, you don’t even have to call them or text them every time you are leaving to visit a new place. They can track your footprints through your phone. Your parents or even your partner can know about your whereabouts and get notified if you enter an unsafe zone.

4. Have a copy of your destination’s emergency hotlines

If you need immediate help, it is better to prepare for that time beforehand. You need to prepare a list of numbers of the local police or hospitals. You can keep a soft copy of these numbers online or on your phone. What if your phone’s battery runs out or there is no internet connectivity? So it is recommended to keep a hardcopy of these numbers when you travel alone.

5. Dress like a local

Try to blend in. Yes, you can stay fashionable and comfortable while doing so. The primary reason for this is that if you stand out too much, anyone can get the obvious impression that you are not from around town. This could cause you to be an easy target for individuals with malicious intentions. Plus, it makes the trip more exciting when you dress up differently to observe local customs.

6. Travel during the day

It is evident to believe that most incidents happen at night. If you are traveling alone, it is better to make all your plans during the daytime. In case you have to take very long journeys, try using trusted transportations or look for a private cabin that can be locked. But don’t overwhelm yourself with this safety tip. Do your research, too, because not all tourist places are unsafe during the night, and you can’t just miss out on the fun just because something could go wrong.

7. Pack light

Not generalizing, but most of us are not built to carry heavy things. We don’t have that much stamina or muscles. So, when you are traveling alone, save yourself the fatigue of lugging around a heavy backpack. Always make a list of essential items before packing and follow a minimalist approach while packing.

8. Keep your valuables hidden

Of course, we travel with a camera, a smartphone, and a tablet/laptop. But, these are all very attractive items for thieves. Avoid flashing these around and only take them out when necessary. Also, it is a smart decision to carry all these precious things with you at all times, along with the main documents like passport, visa, and wallet.

9. Learn emergency phrases

You must be able to explain to one of the locals that there is an emergency or you need some help. If you feel uncomfortable or you think a stranger is following/approaching you, you have to ask for help. You must learn emergency phrases and other key phrases in the local language. It will make your life easier if you do so before time.

10. Drink responsibly

When you are traveling alone, alcohol can be your friend and enemy in many ways. Enjoying a drink with a stranger can be an amazing way to enjoy, but too much can make you vulnerable. It is one of the riskiest situations you can put yourself in as a solo female traveler. So, drink in moderation and always be aware of your surroundings.

Traveling solo isn’t scary. The world is full of amazing places and wonderful people. So don’t let the fear keep you from experiencing the world. Keep in mind these safety tips, and you will be a more confident and independent person out there.

Mignonette Garnier
Mignonette Garnier
Mignonette Garnier is a mom of 3 kids and a regular blogger who loves writing about parenting, entrepreneurship, and Technology. She has been writing for a long time and so far. She loves watching Netflix and playing games in her free time.
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