RSPCA unimpressed with Adelaide rodeo stunt

A recent event held by Professional Bull Riders Australia ended in a distressed bull falling to the ground with a broken leg. The RSPCA is investigating the event and calling for a statewide rodeo ban in light of the recent injury.

A spectator’s footage captured the contentious incident, showing the bull visibly distraught as it wildly bucked and groaned, whilst still being ridden. The bull fell weakly to the ground, before quickly attempting to get up. However, a broken leg hindered the bull’s movement and caused him to feebly limp towards the enclosure.

The incident has proved controversial, with the RSPCA arguing that bull riding is obsolete and cruel. However, the event’s organisers are defending the activity through their animal welfare and safety record.

PBR Australia

Professional Bull Riders Australia remains strong in its beliefs, insisting that events will continue to be developed. PBR Australia is said to have experienced a 0.02% fatality rate in almost 300 events, highlighting a respectable record throughout the past 11 years.

General Manager of PBR Australia has made comments regarding the organisation’s strict adherence to state laws. Thorough monitoring and inspections are undertaken pre, during and post events to ensure the condition of bulls is acceptable.

Further safeguards are afforded to the equipment used and the surfaces of the arenas to minimize the risk of harm and optimize the events’ success.

PBR Australia reportedly extended an invitation to the RSPCA to attend the event, to witness the proceedings and conditions first hand. The organization prides itself on upholding stricter rules than others in the same industry and was eager to prove this to the skeptical RSPCA, however the offer was supposedly declined.


RSPCA animal welfare advocates have reinforced their disapproving opinion of the event, condemning the intentional provocation of the bulls’ stress responses for pure entertainment purposes.

The crowd was audibly shocked by the episode, as the bull struggled to get away. The organization has established an online petition against bull riding, in the hope of lobbying governments to illegalize laws.

The practice of bull riding stands as a particularly divisive issue, with many reproving its purpose and others defending its safety regulations. PBR Australia is a part of an international group that involves Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the USA, and is eager to continue its role in providing safeguarded entertainment.

The incidence has unfortunately conjured many concerns about rodeos and understandably questioned its place in the entertainment industry.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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