Ricky Gervais had a very spicy opening monologue at the Golden Globes

The 77th annual Golden Globe Awards has just concluded and oh boy did it not disappoint. Well, at least in terms of the host.

Comedian Ricky Gervais, who is widely known for having that crass and in your face style of comedy hosted the awards show for the fifth time with beer in hand. The English comedian barely had any buffer the four previous times he had hosted the awards ceremony taking up-front potshots at celebrities in attendance and the celebrity culture. This time Gervais didn’t pull any punches as his opening monologue alone made a lot of celebrities in attendance VERY uncomfortable especially Tom Hanks.

The comedian still took shots at celebrities but aimed more towards the large studios and corporations that run Hollywood. Like Disney, HBO, Apple, Amazon, and the like. He made a strong point towards celebrities regarding this issue, adamantly stating that winners should just thank everybody they are going to thank and spare everyone their political outlook. Gervais cleared this up by saying that celebrities need to make sure that they aren’t under the employ of any of these big corporations who have apparently some skeletons in their closet like having sweatshops producing their products before they preach their political beliefs on stage.

“If ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent”. the comedian said scathingly.

He even gave a nod at Kevin Hart not being able to host the awards ceremony due to old Twitter comments, knowing that he himself is rife with satire that today’s overly-sensitive world couldn’t accept. Gervais even said openly that this was probably going to be the last time he hosts the awards show and that he didn’t care anymore. Which he wittily follows up by ‘I didn’t really care back then anyway’.

Gervais took shots at certain personalities like Felicity Huffman who he said made the license plate of the limo he rode to the Golden Globes, with her daughter being collateral damage. He used himself as a catalyst for his joke about Jeffrey Epstein, saying that unlike his Netflix comedy After Life, Epstein didn’t kill himself, to the boo of the audience which the comedian quickly rebuffed saying that he doesn’t care.

Another funny moment was when he joked about Leonardo Di Caprio’s girlfriend and how after going through the red carpet, she became too old for him now, but unlike most actors in attendance, Leo just laughed it off, seemingly unfazed by the comic’s banter.

Besides Jonathan Pryce’s unamused reaction when Gervais made a joke about 2019 being a successful year for movies about pedophiles as he lists Surviving R Kelly, Leaving Neverland, and Two Popes, where Pryce stars as Pope Francis alongside Anthony Hopkins who portrays Pope Benedict, the most brutal joke of the night is probably the one about Judy Dench and Cats, where Gervais himself said out loud that he was uncomfortable telling the joke on how Dench spends some of her days licking her own vagina which was censored.

However you look at Gervais’ hosting this time around, he did make some good points about celebrities and their culture specifically on how detached most of them are to the real world. If you’re sensitive about others’ opinions on a lot of things in news and culture around the globe, you’d probably detest his monologue. But if you have an open mind and not take a lot of things serious in face value, you’ll probably enjoy Gervais. Oh, and he also took a shot at Greta Thunberg and how she’s not attending school a lot.

Update: It also seems like Twitter has limited #RickyGervais from trending on their website, as a lot of Twitter users are now angry that the comedian didn’t trend on Twitter after his hosting stint.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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