7 reasons to use shade cloth for outdoor advertising

From plenty of outdoor advertising options available nowadays, using shade cloths has traditionally been the most reliable and cheapest solution out there. It’s a simple, cost-effective, and totally customisable offline advertising format.

For instance, if you are looking to promote your business in your locality, using shade cloths you can spread out your brand message at a much cheaper rate. This option is best suited for larger-scale construction project, building sites, and real estate industry. Naturally this is more popular among developers and builders.

Read through this article and you’ll find seven key reasons why using shade cloths might be best option for your outdoor or offline advertising.

1. Brand promotion

Being a business owner, second thing you’ll want (first being making profit) is more people to know about your business and your products. Shade cloth with its full visibility could be just the thing you want.

The advertisement (or the message you’re sharing) could easily attract the passerby walking down the street and who knows, they could become your next client! There could many such opportunities with printed shade cloths. For instance, if you are looking for an eye-catching branding medium for your business, with printed shade cloth it becomes at ease as you will able to reach a broad audience without any technical hassle.

If you check-out any nearby construction site, you may notice that some long shade cloths are rolled around the whole place with printed design or branding texts. These are called shade cloth rolls which varies in heights, lengths, and widths. Using this customisable option you can determine the size of your advertising as per your need.

2. Affordable option

Shade cloths are undoubtedly a more pocket-friendly outdoor advertising option compared to others.

Printed shade cloth offers excellent exposure of your brand within your budget outperforming other advertising options. It’s considered one of the cheapest entry level construction fencing product and with its affordability along with the durability makes it a great budget-friendly choice for people who are mostly looking for temporary fencing to protect their construction sites from debris or from any unwanted access. However, it’s also being used in local marketing agencies, billboard and promotional companies, and small businesses who are unable to spend high amount on digital/optical advertising options.

3. Easy installation

The installation of shade cloth is easy, quick, and stress-free.

Using the cable ties, you can easily install your shade cloths for your temporary fencing, scaffolds, chain-wire fences, and even on building facades. For installation, the printed has button-hole eyelets at the top of the cloth to make the install process more straightforward. It is estimated that the lifespan of shade cloths on a busy construction site is 6-12 months. And for offline advertising purpose, the lifespan could be expanded up to 5 years, with fading any colour or any damage to the material.

4. Flexibility and versatility

The shade cloth is flexible and versatile enough to benefit you in many ways. For instance, the printing flexibility that allows you to display the text or visual image as the way you want as well as the versatility to incorporate your business logo, colour schemes, and so on.

Although primarily it is widely used in construction or building site for site advertising or scaffold branding, they are also often seen at large scale of events such as music festivals, sporting events, or in any education or commercial place.

5. Durability

In terms of strength, shade cloths are sturdiest enough to endure different weather conditions. They are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – a thermoplastic polymer that is known for its high strength and durability, and it ensures that the ink will not scrape or runoff from the printed shade cloth.

Made from a robust material, it has a low stretching factor only around 2-3 per cent, ensuring the sign will not droop over time. Moreover, with its large density ratio (970 kg/m3) it allows you to get the excellent print quality for the long term in the open weave nature as well to handle high wind areas with ease and therefore making it the most popular outdoor advertising option.

In addition to that, as the shade cloth fabric complies with all WHS/OH&S acts, regulation codes of practice ensuring the safety for the people and the workplace.

6. Easy customisation

If you are looking for a customised solution for outdoor advertising, then you may consider using printed shade cloth.

Customisation is quite easy with printed shade cloth for outdoor advertising. Only you have to do is design a logo if you do not have one or add text or visual images conforming to the types of your business. Besides, with the variety of its sizes and colours, it is made to meet your requirements by fitting your entire particular space or maximizing the area and eventually saving your time.

7. Best suitable for high wind areas

Are you worried about the high wind velocity in your construction site?

Honestly, you should be worried about it. The wind tipping over your construction fencing or damaging your signage are two common problems you may have seen while constructing a site in those areas. However, with the shade cloth, you can worry-free for such accident to happen. Shade cloths are naturally resistant to strong wind and if installed properly, they can withstand a small storm passing them by.

Now you don’t find such assurance with other options – pole or billboard or whatever.


If you’re considering offline advertising or protecting you construction site from unwanted access (branding included), you may go for shade cloths without any hesitation that fits your budget and requirements. Just keep one thing in mind, as mentioned earlier, proper installation is choosing the correct material is the key. If that is done properly, you’re good to go for next five years, worry-free!

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