14 reasons why people masturbate

It may not seem like it, but a lot of people masturbate, irrespective of people’s ages or genders too. It is a very common behaviour, but there are many different reasons and potential health benefits for why people may choose to masturbate for self-stimulation.

There are a range of reasons at to why people masturbate. Photo: AndreyPopov, Bigstock.

Why do people masturbate?

Some people will masturbate often, others may do it rarely, but the most important aspect to realise is that it is a personal decision that is left completely up to the individual themselves. Below is a list compiled with a number of reasons why people might choose to masturbate.

#1 Improving sexual health and relationships

Many sex therapists will give advice to their clients that they should take their time to masturbate and orgasm because it will improve their sexual health. This is because they can take the time to find out what erotically turns them on, and then convey that to their partner in their relationship, in turn improving the sexual life of a relationship.

Mutual masturbation when both people in the relationship masturbate together will also add an extra layer of intimacy to the relationship. Doing so allows the couple to truly explore how to and what exactly may turn them on by learning how the other enjoys touching or being touched.

There are great benefits to mutually masturbating in a relationship because it achieves some of the highest levels of stimulation and pleasure but without the added risks of sex such as sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. It is a good way to practice safe sex but without the inconveniences associated with more hands on sex.

#2 They may be in a busy period in their relationship

At the same time, it is perfectly normal for anyone in a relationship to masturbate by themselves. It is a feeling of independence to be able to stimulate oneself and can allow individuals to explore more about their sexual intimacy.

When in a relationship, partners may be in a busy period and not have the time to enjoy sexual acts of pleasure together which is why masturbation is a great way for the couple in the relationship to satisfy themselves despite having such an inconvenient schedule.

#3 A bit of sexual incompatibility

In relationships where the sexual compatibility between the couple is a bit skewed and not the right amount, you might end up seeing one partner whose desire for pleasure and sex to be much greater than the other partner in the relationship. As a result, partners may not feel happy with themselves as they are not able to give their significant other the pleasure they seek.

If this is the case, the best and most convenient way for people to relieve this sexual incompatibility is to masturbate. It is a perfect solution for someone to maintain their sexual prowess and intimacy without forcing their partner to commit to the same levels of sexual interaction.  

#4 Masturbating can help battle depression

It is not uncommon for masturbation to be helpful when people are struggling with depression in their life. It should be noted that people who do masturbate can relieve their depression and in many cases this can lead to a great self-esteem instead.

Picture of passionate naked woman on her bed
Masturbation may be a relief to emotional struggles. Photo: Stryjek, Bigstock.

This is because when masturbating and as a result of ejaculating (for a man), you will notice the explosive impact of neurochemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin which are key elements to boosting ones spirits and leading to prolonged satisfaction.

#5 Masturbating helps you last longer

Just like with any practice in life, by masturbating you will begin to last longer if you decide to practice for longer sessions. For those concerned with impressing their significant other with longer stamina in bed, they should continue to masturbate and aim for a lasting time they are content with.

Of equal importance, masturbating has been linked to maintaining a healthy and erect penis (for a man). This is because when people age, the muscle tones in the penis will also begin to naturally decrease. By either pursuing regular sex or masturbation, the muscles will begin to gain strength once again due to the workout masturbation entails.

#6 It can lower the chance of prostate cancer

Back in 2003, a research team in Australia and The Cancer Council of Australia made a discovery that males who decided to masturbate frequently actually had a lower probability of developing a kind of prostate cancer. Surprisingly, those who decided to ejaculate five or more times a week found themselves at a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer than those who did not masturbate to the same extent.

#7 Masturbating can help blood vessels

Back in 2008, it was identified through one of their research studies at Tabriz Medical University that ejaculating whilst masturbating can actually have the added benefit of possibly reducing swollen nasal blood vessel. This reduction will actually clear the airway for someone to breath normally. The study cited when the sympathetic nervous system was stimulated through masturbation it had such an effect.

#8 Masturbating can increase the strength of the pelvic floor

After orgasming during masturbation, your pelvic floor will receive an intense workout which will increase its strength and endurance. What this will achieve is that clitoris will be overcome with increased blood pressure, alongside increased muscle tone, heart rate and respiration. At its core, the orgasm will help to aid pelvic muscle tension and finally increase strength in the entire region.

#9 Masturbating can prevent cervical infections and relieve the urinary tract

It has been commonly noted that female masturbation can provide great healthy benefits to the body. With regular masturbation comes protection which can defend against possible cervical infections. This is because orgasming from masturbating will actually open up the cervix, clearing it off possible infection.

At the same time, it has been reported regularly that women who have a urinary tract infection use masturbation as a tool against the infection itself. When masturbating, it will relieve the pain from the infection, coat the vagina in lubrication which protects against the infection, and lastly it will flush out any of the dangerous bacteria from the vagina itself.

It is also of equal importance to note that any men who masturbate regularly will also regularly flush their urinary tract and also keep semen healthy at the same time. This is critical to maintaining the health of your semen.

#10 Masturbating helps combat menstruation

Women who decide to masturbate will find added benefits that will improve the health of their body against the menstrual cycle. For example, masturbating relieves pressure by assisting against pre-menstrual tension as well as other physical ailments such as cramps as well.

Some people might use online adult shop to get the best accessories. By regularly masturbating, women will also notice there will be an increase in blood flow towards the pelvic region which will help the potentially painful process of menstruation by reducing other pelvic cramping or aches within the body too.

#11 Masturbating can help you fall asleep

The relaxation and lower stress levels associated with masturbation is a great way to encourage someone to fall asleep. One of the most important aspects of falling asleep is cognitive function and also a positive mood. That’s why feelings of pleasure from masturbating can overwhelm the body and the exhaustion accompanying it can make you fall asleep in no time.

Masturbation is also a great combatant with those suffering from a chronic insomniac as the oxytocin and endorphins which are released from ejaculating will make your body feel much more relaxed and lighter, helping you to deal with insomniac tendencies.

#12 Relieve the tension before a date

Some people might notice that masturbating before a big date is a great way to remove the tension and nervousness you might feel. The stress benefits of masturbating will help to calm them down and make them more comfortable with someone they like. That’s because the excessive sexual urges you might feel will be satisfied.

#13 Masturbating for a sperm donation

Some males may masturbate as a way to obtain semen to give to a third party so that they can conceive a child through artificial insemination or fertilisation. When people go to a sperm bank, they will use a designated room so that they can masturbate in privacy and gift their semen as a donation to the bank. Whether it be due to infertility, sperm banks are great facilities for couples who cannot conceive to find a way to have a child.

#14 They might be encouraged to do so

It isn’t uncommon to see some governments and institutions around the world encourage masturbating. Back in 2009 in the UK, the National Health Service produced a leaflet which was issued to a wide range of people from parents, youth and teachers to promote masturbation, stating it was a healthy practice that should be talked about.

At the same time in 2009 in Spain, a campaign was introduced which emphasised healthy masturbation with instructional techniques, contraceptive advice and the theme of self-respect. These different kinds of programs were designed to promote the idea of masturbation and lower the stigma that has been associated with it.