Predicting 5 key alterations that foldable smartphones will feature

It has been a couple of years since we have been hearing that Samsung will soon launch the world’s first foldable smartphone called Galaxy X. We are halfway through 2018 and we still have no confirmation on when exactly the smartphone will make its debut. While Samsung is busy getting the design perfect, another smartphone company called Huawei is also working on foldable smartphones.

Smartphones have evolved from being basic devices that only could perform basic functions like calling and texting. It’s not just the functions that have changed over time, but the design as well. From basic keypads to flip phones to a touchscreen and now foldable displays, smartphones are rapidly changing. Foldable technology is one of the most awaited features when it comes to upcoming mobile phones. However, ever wondered what changes will foldable displays make the way we use our smartphones? Every new technology brings about a series of change. Here are the 5 major changes that foldable smartphones will make.

Eliminate cracked displays

Currently, smartphones are designed with Corning Gorilla Glass. This glass makes smartphones strong and durable. Nevertheless, the one major and probably the most important change that foldable displays will bring is that – it will reduce the risk of having to deal with foldable displays. If your Smartphone’s display can be folded, then it means that it is pretty flexible. This lessens the risk of a cracked screen in instances when they fall on the floor. All the same, as of now it is still unclear what materials will be used to make foldable displays. We will have wait for a foldable smartphone launch to get a clear idea.

Cameras will become flexible

Camera is one of the main highlights that we give a lot of thought to before buying a new smartphone. We all want a smartphone that has a great rear and selfie camera. But, that’s not that case most of the times. Smartphone companies either focus on either the rear camera or the front camera. That’s why foldable smartphones will make an altering change in this regard. With foldable displays, it becomes possible to use one camera as the rear and selfie camera. This makes it convenient for smartphone companies to focus on one single high-quality camera. One amazing camera to focus on becomes a win-win situation for both the ends.

Flexible usage

In the recent few years, smartphone designs have not had a lot of major design changes. Yes, things do keep getting better. We went from 2GB RAM to 8GB RAM smartphones, 5-megapixel to 24-megapixel camera smartphones, from 2G to 4G VoLTE phones. While these features certainly have enhanced the smartphone experience but is that all we should expect? The face recognition and fingerprint sensor are some of the newest changes that we have witnessed in the smartphone industry.

However, foldable smartphones are going to bring the change that we have been waiting for. A foldable smartphone can turn one display into two, which opens up a whole new world of multitasking. The multitasking feature on Android smartphones allows a user to use two different apps on a single display simultaneously. By folding a phone in half, two apps can be used creating a feeling of having two displays.

Smartphones can get heavier

In the recent years, smartphone companies have been trying to design thin and lightweight smartphones. There is always one smartphone that is thinner or lighter than the rest. However, that will not be the case with foldable smartphones. It is safe to say that, foldable smartphones are only going to get heavier. A foldable smartphone will come with two displays joined together with a hinge. When two displays are placed together, the weight of the smartphone is sure to increase. A foldable smartphone might weigh as much as a tablet instead of a normal smartphone.

Tablets will go out of style

When tablets and iPads were newly introduced in the market, they were all the rage. Everyone wanted a new tablet or iPad. But once the rage died out, the demand for these gadgets fizzled out as well. Smartphones and laptops have advanced so much, that they have eliminated the need for tablets; they can perform almost all the functions that a tablet can.

The debut of foldable smartphones could be the end of tablets. A foldable smartphone will be as big and as heavy as a tablet. Plus, with the added flexibility foldable smartphones become better than a tablet. This might bring about the end of the technology known as tablets.


Foldable smartphones may still be months away from launching, but these are some of the alterations that these smartphones are sure to make. Don’t hold your breath though – new announcements are being made all the time!

With every new technology there is bound to be some changes. How many more changes these smartphones will make can only be concluded after they make their appearance in the smartphone market.

Ruturaj Kohok
Ruturaj Kohok
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