Throw out depression by practicing these yoga poses

Do you feel tired or anxious? Do you panic all the time? Does your heart beat faster than it should? Do you have a nervous breakdown every alternate hour? Do you avoid social interaction all the time? Do you like staying on your couch all day?

If yes, then definitely you need help. Sadness and grief are normal emotions in human life and with time, it goes away. Though, feeling stressed and anxious all the time is not something casual. If you are at a stage where you feel suffocated and have suicidal thoughts, you must talk to someone about it. Someone whom you love, someone who can take care of you, someone who can hold your hand or someone you can hug and cry! The overloaded routine does not even give us proper time to feel what we want to, to express what we feel because yes we are too busy to do that.

In this generation, depression and anxiety have become immensely common and so it is impeccably alarming now. If you have a clue or could relate to any of the symptoms, make sure you do not dodge from it.

‘Our Generation has had no Great War, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives’. The quote seems to be appropriate here because depression is crippling into our lives, and so it is immensely important to talk about it, discuss it and strive for a solution together. One of the major ways to get rid of depression and anxiety is practicing Yoga daily. Research states that people who perform Yoga get to enhance their self-liberation state which leads to a better and healthy state of mind. Supposedly, you are not too comfortable sharing about your traumatic situations then the internet might be useful too. You can simply read about depression, participate in many programs or seminars associated with it. You can read several Yoga blogs on the internet and learn about their various impacts and significance on your mental state.

Yoga reduces the cortisol (the main stress hormone) that helps to control the many health problems such as anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, and stress. Yoga helps in repairing the body parts by making us perform various Yoga Poses and revitalizes our inner soul by giving us a chance to enhance our inner connectivity and establish sync between our body, mind, and soul.

You must practice various Yoga poses to take a step towards a healthier and happier life, especially; there are various Yoga poses for depression. All you need to do is to read blogs and implement the suggested steps to give a new and refreshing start to your life. Here, in this article, we have discussed in detail the poses and pranayamas that can help you to fight from depression. Do not panic, Depression could be dangerous but it is not inevitable. Seek help now!

Common Yoga Poses and Pranayams to get rid of Depression

We do understand what you are going through! Depression is a minacious and the vulnerable state needs to be dealt with proper care and love. Check out the different poses and pranayamas of Yoga that can help you to keep depression at bay and motivate you to start a new and fresh life.

Balasana or Child Pose

Yoga Balasana or child pose
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The main motive of performing Yoga is to lighten up the mood and find a way towards inner self. Balasana or Child pose helps you to calm your brain and relieve stress and anxiety. Eventually, it stretches your lower back and hips which allows your body to relax. It is one of the most comfortable Yoga poses; it is highly suggested to get rid of the fatigue and dizziness. One of the amazing benefits of performing it is it promotes the right way of breathing. Different breathing techniques calm down the body and mind. The pose promotes a positive feeling and helps you to rejuvenate the lost energy.

Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

yoga bridge pose
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It is one of the best Yoga poses for people who are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. It strengthens the back muscles and relieves a tired back. The pose helps you to open up your heart and feel light and comfortable. Make sure before performing this Asana, your bowels and stomach should be empty. If you do practice Setu Bandhasana on a daily basis, then definitely this would help you to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. It might also calm down your brain and give you your own space.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward-facing Dog Pose

Urdhva mukha svanasana yoga
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Do you realize that you often face backache issues? If yes, then you must know that is the pivot point where all the stress we take gets stored. This particular pose is immensely helpful to cure fatigue and depression. It is much helpful for people suffering from backache as the pose is effective enough to cure the trapped muscular pain. Practicing the pose would help you to get rid of sciatica, fatigue, and depression. The people suffering from asthma should also perform the pose.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Adho mukha svanasana yoga
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Adho Mukha Svanasana allows fresh blood to flow into your body. It stretches the neck and cervical spine, inducing the collected stress in it. This leads to a reduction of anxiety and stress. Basically, it strengthens our abdominal muscles, improves blood circulation, improves digestion and decreases anxiety.


Pranayama Yoga
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Pranayama is a powerful technique that helps us to shift consciousness, purify our mind and body, raising our energy and get a grip over our negative thoughts. Here are some of the common Pranayamas or breathing techniques that you can practice to fight from depression.

Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana
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It is basically alternate nostril breathing. It eventually balances the life energy of the body, which helps to calm down the brain and hence helps to fight against the emotional imbalance. If you are nervous or panicking, then you must practice Nadi Shodhna to seek for a stable and consistent state of mind.

Surya Bheda

Yoga Surya Bheda
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It is right nostril breathing; you can practice this if you too are facing depression or anxiety. If you always feel lethargic, dull and dizzy you must practice Surya Bheda regularly. Also, it increases your self-confidence as you feel a little excited about social meets and interactions.


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It is also known as skull shining breath and frontal brain cleansing breath. It is excellent pranayama which helps to fight back depression. It helps you to energize your body and mind. You remain fresh and so you do find yourself inclined towards the darker or negative side. Your thought process is refreshed from time to time and so you feel better and rejuvenated.


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It helps you to detoxify the body and purify the mind. Also, it creates internal heat and so helps in the proper stimulation of metabolism. It is good for weight loss, it strengthens and balances the nervous system and helps in the creation of a positive aura to create a focused state of mind.

You should take depression seriously; it is not something you can dodge from. You must read about it, understand its impact and disseminate the various ideas to get rid of this severe problem. This article deals with Yoga and Pranayama practices that could help you to fight back the depression and anxiety. Hope, you find reading this article worth your time and effort.

Om Singh
Om Singh
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