PHP vs Node.js – which backend technology is best for your project?

There are lots of different techniques in the market one can choose for their development needs and requirements. It becomes quite confusing for one to decide which technology can fit perfectly for the project needs. Here, we will be discussing about using PHP versus node.JS Technology for the web application development needs. Whether one should hire a PHP development company or a node.js service provider to have their application development needs covered in the best possible way.

PHP overview

PHP is basically a server-side scripting language which was developed in the year of 1994 and is taken into consideration for web development services. PHP means hypertext preprocessor and this language is exclusively processed with the use of an interpreter.

This scripting language can also be embedded into HTML5 or HTML markup. The shows how this language is flexible enough for any sort of development needs and this is the reason why this language has become popular and is now taken into consideration for more than 80% of all server-side development needs.

Why can be PHP better in comparison

You might be thinking about why you should hire PHP developer? The reason is that there are many who believe that PHP is much easier to work upon when it comes to web development projects because it is not only easy to understand but is also very less complicated when compared to other languages. Another benefit which comes in the way of PHP is that it has been in this field for a long period of time and this is the reason why it covers huge knowledge base and brings up humongous resources into play for any kind of web development service needs.

There are a number of developers who also considers that with the help of PHP, there are able to set up different development needs without any kind of hassle at all. When compared with node.js, PHP does not require much coding in any kind of development service. Lastly PHP is also backed by all hosting service and it also supports more CMS and frameworks when compared to node.js technology.

When can one consider to use PHP

PHP is certainly the most preferred backend in technology one should go for whenever they are considering to work upon anything like WordPress or Joomla development. PHP can also prove to be a great choice if you want your business mobile application to operate on different types of operating systems and browsers without any kind of hassle at all.

According to a number of web application developers, PHP is also a great recommendation if you consider using a relational database. So, if you are website has been developed with the use of HTML and you would like to to make it even more appealing then, considering for PHP can certainly prove to be beneficial in this situation for sure.

Pros Of using PHP

● PHP brings in a user database of resources which can be useful for platforms like WordPress as it makes it easy when it comes to developing.

● PHP has been specifically made for the development of different web application solutions and it can also handle service, HTML, and databases without any kind of hassle at all.

● You can run PHP scripting language on any server and that too with ease. Not only this, but you can also use it on any platform and you will have most of the hosting services backing it up.

Cons Of Using PHP

● While using for app development service, the biggest disadvantage of PHP is that it doesn’t provide solutions in real-time.

Node.js: overview

Node.js technology is taken into consideration to use JavaScript when it comes to server-side development. This technology was developed in the year of 2009 and exclusively brought JavaScript into limelight whenever there is any kind of development needs of requirement. It is basically an open-source technology which has been running with the help of Google’s V8 JS engine.

Node.js technology comes with built-in libraries which takes complete responsibility of almost all types of development needs and requirements and this has made this technology a lot popular and is exclusively run by Giants like LinkedIn, Microsoft, and even Paypal. This is the reason why there are many who still consider going for Node js development company for their project needs and requirements.

Why can be Node.js better in comparison

Overtime, node.js Technology has literally gained huge support from web application developers around the world despite being new in this respective field of service. The biggest benefit it has is the built-in service support.

Not only this, but the syntax is also exactly the same as of JavaScript which makes it very easy for one to use for their development needs without any kind of hassle at all. With the help of node.js, one just needs to use one Syntax both for front and backend development means. So, this shows how it is easier to manage and also perfect for code reuse purposes.

When one can consider to use Node.js

If you are considering for real-time application development then, using node.js technology can prove to be very handy as it is way better when compared to PHP. The reason behind it is not the only efficiency with real-time applications but also very easier to manage multiple client requests.

It also makes it easy because of the reusing packages of codes which one can use it for different objectives. It enables sharing and one can also avail benefit with the data sync ability between server-side and client-side exclusively making the process very quick and effective. You can also get ahead for the streaming application development with the help of Node.js technology. So, if you are willing to have a scalable and fast application, Node.js technology is the way to go.

Pros of Node.js

● This technology is just perfect when it comes to running multiple events at one go which makes it perfect for real-time application development.

● Application developers have no rules and instructions to follow so they can work upon the project as per the best solution.

● This technology also allows one to use a single language for all the Technologies.

Cons of Node.js

● This technology is not so good when it comes to working upon bigger or heavier files.

● As the technology is relatively new, it doesn’t have much in the offer when compared to PHP.


So, now you know about both the technologies well and it is completely upon you to decide whether to hire node js developer or PHP developer for your project needs and requirements. There are some areas where PHP is dominant and some areas where node.js goes ahead but, it’s completely upon your project needs when it comes to choosing the right technology between PHP and Node.js.

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar
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