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PGP Australia also knowns as Premium Graduate Placements is the biggest and leading vocational provider in  Australia. Ask any student or graduate and they’ll tell you how tough it can be to land a great internship or graduate position with a company in their chosen field or industry. While universities often offer placement programs, many students and recent graduates are usually left to their own devices when it comes to landing a job to kickstart their career.

Thankfully, for all those students and graduates struggling through the turbulent recruitment market, we can safely recommend that Premium Graduate Placements offers some of the best connective services when it comes to vocational training schemes. Why do we say this? Well, their great customer service, comprehensive range of programs and employers available and affordable fees make it a great company to get involved with.

Premium Graduate Placements Review

There are many reasons why PGP Australia stand out from the rest. Firstly, students and graduates that get involved with PGP Australia have a much higher chance of getting a permanent position in their chosen industry. Indeed, over 70% of interns receive a formal offer of employment with their host company. Moreover, PGP Australia has networking connections with over 3500 host employees throughout Australia, giving potential interns a wide range of choices when it comes to finding a position suitable for their needs. Within four months of having completed an internship, over 90% of interns have found permanent work in their field of choice.

PGP Australia – Programs and Pricing

One of the great things we noticed about Premium Graduate was the quality of their programs. The cost of each program is variable and is dependent on which scheme you choose and which industry you are working in. In terms of training, Premium Graduate Placements offer two core programs:

  • Premium Internship Program
  • K22 Mentor Program

Premium Internship Program

The Premium Internship Program is a comprehensive 12-week program with a reliable host company in your industry. The program is flexible and tailored in accordance with your needs and the host company’s requirements. You will complete between 252 to 420 hours of work over the three-month period (usually 3-5 days of work a week). At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion and a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment to demonstrate your ability to work effectively in a business environment.

K22 Mentor Program

The K22 Mentor Program is slightly different to PGP’s Premium Internship Program. It is an effective program that allows students and graduates to successfully integrate into a professional workplace. With the help of experienced recruitment professionals and organisational psychologists who specialise in graduate training, the K22 scheme is essential for those aspiring for a managerial career. As part of the program, users receive three one-on-one sessions with a qualified mentor in the field, where they learn about the following:

  • Training and interview techniques
  • Adjusting to employer expectations
  • Resume strategies
  • Learning personal branding strategies
  • Professional confidence
  • Social media profile building – e.g. LinkedIn

Premium Graduate Placement – Virtual Internships

Premium Graduate Placements is a very innovative and forward-thinking company, which is something that greatly impressed us. In fact, the team at PGP Australia are currently working on a new initiative – a virtual internship platform. The service is forecasted to be integrated with universities, providing university students with access to more employment opportunities. Their virtual internships could be very valuable for people in rural areas, who have limited access to resources in capital cities.

The platform combines ground-breaking simulation technology with blended industry-relevant content to ensure students receive quality information about what it’s like working in the real world. The platform will hopefully become live for all users in early 2020.

Premium Graduate Placements – Pros and Cons

In summation, here are some of the key pros and cons to take away from our review of PGP Australia.


  • Extensive range of internship programs
  • Wide variety of opportunities across different industries and organisations
  • Affordable rates
  • Possibility of ongoing work from host employer
  • Better chances of permanent work after the internship
  • Resume strategies
  • Leadership building and professional branding
  • Seamless integration with a corporate organisation
  • Accredited certificate following completion


  • Extensive commitment and focus required
  • Time-consuming

PGP Australia’s competitors:

  • GradConnection
  • CareerDC Internships
  • Australian Institute of Professional Pathways (AIPP)
  • Budding Talents Recruitment
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